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Cardio for Life by Health Guardian.  Formerly known as Cardio4life is designed for heart health. This supplement comes in a powder form that makes use of an ingredient that can double absorption. The special ingredient used is called Astragin and it is all natural.  This ingredient can help your body absorbs the natural nutrients that make Cardio for Life so special.  Like many other heart-healthy supplements, each serving contains 5 grams of L. Arginine.  Arginine is so important for our health! Our body’s use this amino acid along with citrulline to produce Nitric Oxide.  Nitric Oxide makes it possible for our blood vessels to relax and this greatly enhances circulation.

As we age our ability to produce arginine and Nitric Oxide declines.  Many studies are showing that it is beneficial to supplement with nutrients that increase the production of this important molecule.   Cardio for Life is the perfect supplement for those on a budget that would like to improve their cardiovascular health.

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