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This is the supplement that is designed for your heart health. Your Heart is hard at work every day, 24 hours a day. It’s an amazing pump that deserves some care and attention. Most people seemed to be more concerned about the upkeep of their car than taking care of their heart. Could this be the reason why Cardiovascular Disease is the number 1 killer? It doesn’t have to be. Now there is a supplement designed specifically for the heart. Take a few minutes to find out about this amazing supplement!

Cardio Cocktail Formor International

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What People Experience

apple More Energy

apple Improved Cardiovascular Health.

apple Improved Vision

apple Improved Brain Function

apple High Blood Pressure Reduced

apple Better Circulation in Extremities

apple Each Serving has 5 Grams of Arginine

apple Each Serving has 5000 IU’s of D3

apple Contains Mangosteen

apple Contains Goji

apple Contains Acai Berries

apple Is Packed with Antioxidants.

appleIf you bought all this separately it would cost over $300.00!

healthy benefits lifestyle changesEach and every serving contains Pure Pharmaceutical Grade L-Arginine and L-Citrulline derived from rich plant sources. If you are taking an Arginine supplement for Cardiovascular Health it is important that it contains the amino acid L-Citrulline. Why? The Amino acid Arginine does not last long in the body. Citrulline preserves the action of L. Arginine and assists the body in relaxing Arteries and producing Nitric Oxide.  Nitric Oxide has been shown to improve the health of arteries and allow them to relax.  Relaxed arteries is what you want your body to produce, relaxed blood vessels enable more blood flow throughout the body. L. Arginine taken along with L-Citrulline will provide the body with that capability. Another critical element for overall health is Vitamin D3.

Nitric oxide is a soluble gas that’s continually produced from the amino acid L-arginine, inside your cells. This gas plays an important role in supporting normal endothelial function and protecting your cells’ powerhouses, the mitochondria. It is also a potent vasodilator.   Full article here

D3 is just beginning to be recognized as an important element for Cardiovascular Health. For years it has been known that Vitamin D3 plays a powerful role in the Absorption of Calcium for strong bones. Now we know that Vitamin D3 is necessary, especially during the winter months to keep our cardiovascular system at peak performance. Vitamin D3 is included in our formulation.

The two most common vitamin deficiencies are B-12 and D3. B-12 is needed for the formation of DNA in the body as well as the manufacturing of red blood cells and the normal function of nerve cells. D3 is essential to aid in bone growth as well as regulate your mood. Vitamin D is produced by the body when exposed to sunlight, but can also be obtained through milk and fish.  Read more…

Powerful Antioxidants

Natural IngredientsAnother important factor with regard to heart health is Antioxidants. Many scientists believe that oxidation is a major aging factor. Oxidation can be controlled through diet and nutrition. Since oxidation is believed to be a major contributing factor in heart disease, a well balanced L-Arginine supplement should have a healthy supply of antioxidants. Each serving of Cardio Cocktail™ provides a healthy supply of antioxidants to reduce oxidation within the body and to lower this cause for heart disease.

It’s packed with antioxidant power from Grape Seed Extract and superfruit juices such as Acai, Goji, Mangosteen, Red Raspberry, and Tart Cherry. Antioxidants are important for Cardiovascular Health because they reduce oxidation. Research is showing that Oxidized Cholesterol is very damaging to your Cardiovascular Health. Antioxidants are key to stopping the oxidation of cholesterol.

Absorption is another important key to your health. If a product is not assimilated into the body it is really of no use. We have made our product in liquid form. This will provide the best delivery system possible.

High Blood Pressure DangerCardio Cocktail™ Contains a Proprietary Fulvic Mineral delivery system. Fulvic Minerals are different than colloidal minerals. Colloidal minerals are minerals suspended in a solution. In Fulvic Minerals, the solution is the minerals. Check out the Fulvic Mineral page to found out why they are so important.

We use a powerful blend of nutrients containing 5 grams of L-Arginine per ounce, plus Vitamin D3, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, B Vitamins, and OPCs from Grape Seed Extract. This is really a great-tasting liquid product that uses a potent blend of fruit juices including Açai, Goji, Mangosteen, tart cherry, and red raspberry. The body quickly absorbs these nutrients via our proprietary fulvic mineral delivery system.

We believe this nutritional supplement is a revolutionary product that is combining evidence-based ingredients with time-tested nutrients. The Pharmaceutical Grade L-Arginine inside is supported by Nobel Prize Winning science. Don’t Believe You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally? Then discover what these people have to say and the Science Behind it.

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