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3 Simple Steps to Control Anger and Frustration with Others | Psychology Today

Most people know that stress is a major player when it comes to our personal health.  Unfortunately we seem to create our own stress by believing that life should occur a certain way and then getting upset when it doesn’t.  To live in a “it shouldn’t be this way world” is not living in reality.  The article from Psychology Today gives some tips on how to deal with the frustration of it shouldn’t be this way.  I am personally going to save the exercise for days when I think it shouldn’t be this way….

The majority of anger and frustration in life,no matter what the situation,has at its basis one simple thought.It shouldnt be this way. We all go through life with our own personal set of ideas about how we think things should work out,how we think people should treat us,how other people should behave etc. I like to refer to this personal sense we all of have of how the world should operate,as our personal rulebook. This personal rulebook incorporates our beliefs,perspectives,likes,ideals,and values.