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Alcohol and Heart Disease

Alcohol and heart diseaseOn many different studies regarding the longevity of life, researchers have found one common denominator, the consumption of alcohol. Elderly people who consume alcohol in moderation live longer overall than those who do not consume alcohol at all. So, I was a little shocked to find out that drinking alcohol can also increase your risk for cardiovascular disease. How could this be? The answer lies in moderation. According to the American Heart Association men who drink no more than 2 servings of alcohol per day seem to improve their heart health. For women, it is no more than one serving of alcohol per day.

Light to moderate drinkers may have a lower risk of heart disease than teetotalers, but a new study suggests this doesn’t hold true for people with fatty liver disease. Most people have a little bit of fat in their liver, but fatty liver disease can be … Heart benefit of alcohol not seen in people with liver disease


Wine and heart healthI had been under the erroneous impression that alcohol thins the blood which improves circulation. It appears that drinking more alcohol than the recommended amount creates cardiovascular problems. Some of the problems associated with excessive alcohol drinking include high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, alcoholism, and cancer. American Heart Association recommends that individuals do not start drinking to improve their cardiovascular health even though moderation can lead to improvements. Why doesn’t the American Heart Association recommend drinking in moderation to improve cardiovascular health? The problem lies with alcoholism. It’s not possible to predict who will become addicted to alcohol and who will not, therefore they do not recommend drinking alcohol in moderation to improve heart health.

Aside from its flavours, and capacity to help people relax, wine has gained something of a reputation as a “healthy” alcohol — with researchers in the past noting associations between red wine drinking in France, and lower incidence of heart disease. Is drinking wine really good for your heart? – The Conversation CA


Women exercising for Cardiovascular healthAccording to the American Health Association, the only known real benefits of drinking alcohol even in moderation is a small increase in good cholesterol. Since there are other ways to increase the so-called good cholesterol in our bodies the American Heart Association suggests these over the use of moderate drinking. What ways do they suggest to increase HDL cholesterol? One supplement that you can take that has been quite effective is niacin. This is considered to be part of the B vitamin family. However, there are some complications with taking this particular supplement. Niacin expands the capillaries and causes a niacin flush. It’s sort of a heated sensation over the body and an itching of the skin. There are some types of niacin called niacinamide that does not produce a flush. However, some would recommend not taking this form as it is not proven to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. I personally use the type that causes the flush and have become quite used to it.

Excessive alcohol consumption can be deadly in a variety of ways. Here’s what you should know. Think before you drink. It’s important to make wise decisions about … – Kansas City Star


Another way to increase good cholesterol is through exercise. I might include that it should be regular exercise. It would be wise to consult with your physician before embarking on a course of regular exercise if you already have cardiovascular disease.