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Antioxidant News

Antioxidants are often in the news.  Here are some recent articles on their benefit.  Cardio Cocktail is packed full of Antioxidants.  You can find out more about their benefits by visiting our Cardio Cocktail Antioxidant page.


Toronto NewsFIXAntioxidants May Protect Against Brain LesionsToronto NewsFIXCan a healthful diet protect seniors from age-related mental decline? Probably not all by itself, but scientists are taking a close look at how antioxidant nutrients abundant …

Antioxidants Could Help Men With Fertility Problems – Toronto NewsFIX

Toronto NewsFIXAntioxidants Could Help Men With Fertility ProblemsToronto NewsFIXMany couples world-wide struggle to conceive. If in the past infertility was always related to the female part of the couple and men were not even suspected of having a  …

Green leafy vegetables may help prevent cataract – Toronto NewsFIX

Toronto NewsFIXGreen leafy vegetables may help prevent cataractToronto NewsFIXA study suggests that certain antioxidants found in spinach and greens seem to protect against cataract. Around 20 million people in the USA suffer from cataracts.