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Arginine and Alzheimers

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The Amino Acid L.Arginine plays a major role in our health, from the immune system to our cardiovascular system.  Now scientist are seeing a connection between the immune system consumption of Arginine and Alzheimers.  For some reason unknown to science the brains immune system starts consuming arginine which normally helps protect brain cells.  Scientist do not recommend consumption of more Arginine to combat the problem, but one has to wonder why the immune system would start consuming arginine.  There is some thought that as we age our bodies start loosing the ability to produce arginine.  Could this be the reason for the consumption of Arginine by the brains immune system.  We will have to wait for more research to get a definitive answer.

London Scientists have broken new ground in the search for an Alzheimers cure by discovering a potential cause of the disease, which could be targeted with drug treatments. In findings that experts said could open new doors in the increasingly frustrated global hunt for a therapy for dementia, US researchers announced that studies of Alzheimers in mice had thrown up a new process that they believe contributes to the diseases development. The team at Duke University in North Carolina observed that with Alzheimers, immune cells that normally protect the brain instead begin to consume a vital nutrient called arginine. Full article here

Alzheimer’s continues to play a major role in healthcare today and the numbers continue to increase.  Unfortunately, there seems to be no cure in sight.  Researchers have now switched to trying to manage the disease rather than looking for a cause.  99 percent of the medicines that have been developed to combat this disease have met with no positive results.

After assessing these results, the researchers found that about 5.7 million Americans will have mild cognitive impairment (an intermediate clinical stage that does not yet meet the criteria for dementia) by 2060 and another 9.3 million will have dementia due to Alzheimer’s. In this group, about 4 million will need intensive care service, similar to that provided by nursing homes.

Today, about 6.08 million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s or mild cognitive impairment, according to the study.

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