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When Arteries Become Hard

Lucille Ball died with Hardening of the Arteries

You may have heard of hardening of the arteries but what exactly does that mean? Healthy arteries within the body should be elastic allowing for smooth blood flow. However, as we age our arteries become stiff and less flexible. This is how the actress Lucille Ball died despite the best efforts of her medical doctors. How can we keep arteries smooth and flexible as we age?


Eat Healthy for good healthThis may be the million-dollar question with many different answers and no one really knowing for sure. Most health professionals will tell you that a good diet is involved but now the question becomes what is a good diet? Many in the alternative health field will talk about nutritional supplements that one can take to improve cardiovascular health. While I do believe in taking nutritional supplements I think one should always keep in mind that they are supplements. For me, a supplement is something that supports the foundation of our health.


What Is the Foundation of Our Health?


The foundation of our health is the lifestyle choices that we make. This not only includes our diet but also includes our mental health and well-being and physical exercise. Having these as the foundation of health we can add supplements to enhance our well-being.


Arterial Stiffness


inflammation in the artheryBack to arterial stiffness and how we can keep our arteries flexible. Of course, staying away from saturated fats, hydrogenated oils and products that are high in sugar is a must. These are all things that most healthcare professionals would agree contribute to cardiovascular disease. As far as supplements are concerned, a healthy dose of arginine and citrulline have been shown to increase nitric oxide productivity keeping arteries flexible.


Other Supplements to Consider for Flexibility


I have been reading a lot about vitamin K 2. There is some evidence in scientific literature that suggests it may be able to reverse vascular calcification. Vascular calcification is calcium in the arteries which leads to stiffness. As blood travels through the arteries they become cut and need repair. Many believe that an excessive amount of tear put on the arteries is due to a poor diet. Calcium becomes stuck in the arteries and leads to calcification.


Were Vitamin K2 Comes into Play


Vitamin K 2 protects the body against this calcification. It does this by keeping calcium in the bones where it belongs and by blocking calcium from being absorbed into the arteries. It is believed that K2 activates the calcium-binding proteins that enhance calcium absorption in the bones.  Leafy green vegetables are high in Vitamin K 2.  You can also obtain Vitamin K 2 in supplemental form just make sure it is K 2 and not the other forms of Vitamin K.