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Does All Disease Begin in the Gut?

Microbiome and gut flora

Healthy MicrobiomeBeing involved in naturopathic medicine, all diseases began in the gut, is a statement I have have heard that for many years. I was not sure if I truly believed that was true.  Now, new scientific research is showing the accuracy of that statement and how our diet plays a major role in our health.

The health of our body including our brains health is proving to be connected with the intestinal organisms that live within our body. It’s interesting to note that there are more organisms living on us and on us than there are of our own cells.

Microbiome and gut healthOur health is being dictated by what is going on inside our gut. More importantly, scientists are now telling us that the health of our brain is being influenced by our intestinal health. This should give us great cause for concern with regard to our diet and what we are putting into our mouth.

Advocates of GMO foods like to tell us that there is no proof of genetically modified foods damaging any cells within the human body. That may be true however there is proof that genetically modified organisms can damage the healthy intestinal organisms living inside of us. That is why I am not interested in purchasing anything that is genetically modified.

Scientist call organisms within our intestines the microbiome. Research is now showing that this plays a pivotal part in our health, regarding detoxification, vitamin production, inflammation, neurotransmitters within the body, and whether you feel full or feel hungry. All of these factors can figure into chronic health issues like dementia, ADHD, cancer, asthma, allergies, and other chronic health concerns.

Brain Health and Cardio CocktailWhat was very interesting to me is to learn that the microbiome can also affect your mood, your perceptions of the world, thoughts of clarity and even your libido. Researchers are now suggesting that a dysfunctional intestinal gut may be the foundation of chronic headaches, inability to concentrate, anxiety, and an overall negative outlook on life.

If you think about it, the microbiome seems to be affecting just about everything in our health. Our physical and emotional health may all be determined by the state of our intestinal well-being. To find out if this is true or not the National Institute of Mental Health allocated over $1 million to research the relationship between gut flora and our health.

Given the microbiome’s potential person-specific physiological roles, recent studies suggest that it may serve as a good predictor for disease risk (Griffin et al., 2015xDoes our gut microbiome predict cardiovascular risk? A review of the evidence from metabolomics. Griffin, J.L., Wang, X., and Stanley, E. Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2015;

Our Gut Microbiome: The Evolving Inner Self: Cell

Microbiome and gut floraSo does all disease begin in the gut? I really can’t say for sure but I do know that I’m going to give more attention to my emotional and physical health and the foods that I put into my body.

My goal is to consume only non-GMO foods and to buy organic food items as much as possible. I’m also going to be looking at supplementing my health with probiotics and prebiotic’s that support my intestinal health.

Similarly, studies have suggested a role of the gut microbiota in the risk of developing neuropsychiatric illnesses like schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism and even chronic fatigue syndrome. Researchers have suggested that in genetically susceptible people, altered microbes in the gut may disrupt the blood-brain barrier, leading to the production of antibodies that adversely affect normal brain development.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Microbiome

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Alzheimer’s, Is It All in My Head?

Brain Health and Cardio Cocktail

One disease that seems to be increasing in America is Alzheimer’s disease. This disease can have devastating effects on individuals who develop the disease and family members who watched their loved ones slip into oblivion. Scientists are still working hard on trying to understand this disease but it still remains largely a mystery. Is Alzheimer’s a victims disease or are there things that we can do individually to protect ourselves?


Metro Creative Connection Physical exercise, which stimulates blood flow to the brain and can help promote new brain cell growth, is one way for people over 60 to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


Read more…

Women exercising for Cardiovascular healthMany researchers now believe that lifestyle choices can certainly have an impact on whether we developed this disease or are protected from it. An interesting finding from the Alzheimer’s organization is that 80% of the people who died with Alzheimer’s and were autopsied showed signs of cardiovascular disease.


Some scientists are now saying that improving your cardiovascular health may help prevent Alzheimer’s. It may stand to reason when you look at other diseases like vascular dementia. Vascular dementia is caused by depriving the brain of oxygen due to poor blood flow. Improving one’s circulation may be a vital step in reducing the risk factor of Alzheimer’s.


Metabolic syndrome


girl sun bathingScientists have also found that individuals who have metabolic syndrome are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s. What is metabolic syndrome? It is actually a group of risk factors like high blood pressure and having high glucose levels.  Other risk factors can be high cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels and being obese.  All of these can be linked to lifestyle choices for the most part.

Consuming Unhealthy Carbs

If you have been following articles on health in the news you have probably seen articles on high amounts of sugar in the American diet as being unhealthy.  Unhealthy sugar or carbohydrates for me would be anything that would have a high glycemic index.

A review of 36 studies by Stellenbosch University found that the consumption of sweetened drinks worldwide was on the rise. This was of great concern considering how increased consumption impacted directly on the metabolic syndrome, contributing to heart disease, diabetes, high blood sugar and unhealthy cholesterol levels. Professor Faadiel Essop, the review’s senior author, said: Our analysis revealed that the frequent intake of these beverages contributes to a number of health complications.

Sugar the sweet way to ill health | Pretoria News

Individuals who consume a large number of unhealthy carbohydrates put themselves at risk for diabetes. These unhealthy carbs dump a lot of sugar into our bloodstream and spike insulin levels and overwork the pancreas.  That is why it is important to eat good carbohydrates and keep your insulin levels in check.


Sugar in Our Bloodstream


Open heart surgeryNot only is it bad for our pancreas to eat foods with a high glycemic index it is also bad for our cardiovascular system. Sugary drinks are sticky and can clog our plumbing. If these drinks can clog the plumbing in our homes can you imagine what they can do to our tiny arteries?


Healthy lifestyle choices may be our biggest protection against developing dementia or Alzheimer’s. Keeping sugar consumption at bay by eating foods with a low glycemic index and consuming healthy fats and proteins may be our biggest weapon against this dreaded disease.

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These Pointers Make Boosting Your Memory A Breeze

Brain Health and Cardio Cocktail

Are you seeking new and very simple methods you can use to enhance your memory? In case you are willing to do a little work now you can enjoy the results of a big memory boost tomorrow.

Brain Games Make Improving Your Memory Enjoyable

Strangely enough, a dramatically improved memory could be the result of child’s play. In reality, doctors who study ailments of the mind usually recommend simple and fun children’s games like chess, mahjong, memory, Tetris, and word-search or crossword puzzles for memory’s sake. It is also recommended to slow the development at initial phases of illnesses including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Muscles in the body require exercise in order to be conditioned and in good shape. It is not all that shocking that the brain has to be “worked out” regularly as well. It goes well beyond conditioning the brain to avert prolonged illnesses that have an effect on the brain, however. Boosting your memory by exercising your brain can be instrumental in school and at work in addition to being helpful in slowing the progression of these painful diseases.

Supplements for a Brain Boost

Your mind is far from an autonomous machine. It’s an important part of your body that is made of flesh and blood. In order for it to do its job properly, it needs the right amount of proper nutrition. For this reason alone, brain-boosting supplements have to be an important part of your daily routine. Below are a few that get top marks in terms of their mind-building and strengthening abilities.

Cardio Cocktail has Omega 3 fatty acids

Gingko Biloba is the supplement on top of any list dedicated to improving memory. Not only is this one very popular choice for curtailing the progression of memory loss but also of preventing it from appearing altogether. Worldwide, there isn’t any other nutritional supplement that is more commonly given than this one.

What it does: Gingko biloba improves circulation by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow, which allows oxygenated red blood cells to reach and energize the body.  Read more…

Fish Oil — No doubt you’ve heard a good deal about fish oil or Omega-3 fatty acids in the news during the last few years. It is a rising star that gets plenty of good press with valid reason. A number of people refer to fish oil supplements as “brain food” due to its ability to heal the mind. Even though it is more widely renowned for improving the skin there is a lot that Vitamin E can offer the mind. Actually, it’s about far more than simple healthy glows today. Now it’s about stopping and/or delaying the progress of Alzheimer’s. For individuals considering supplementing with vitamin E, a full spectrum vitamin E would be the preferred choice.

Fitness Expert Mackie Shilstone talks about 5 things you can do to stay mentally sharp as you age. Emphasize Omega 3’s –Cold water fish, walnuts, and fish oil supplements, especially DHA, have been show to improve cognitive function. Get Adequate Sleep – According to Psychology Today, “Many studies show the brain is processing the day’s events while you sleep and consolidating them in memory.

Mackie: 5 ways to stay mentally sharp as you age |


Getting your Supplements to the Brain.

Cardio Cocktail Natural IngredientsNow that you have some healthy supplements for your brain you want to make sure those supplements are able to get where they are needed. Many health problems within our society are due to poor circulation. To support the delivery of healthy nutrients in the body we need to focus on our cardiovascular system. Supporting the cardiovascular system with supplements like Cardio Cocktail can be very beneficial in making sure your supplements get to their preferred destination.  Some of Cardio Cocktail’s ingredients also support brain health!

Discovering Your Memory Beat

Binaural audio beats are more popular today than in the past. It looks like this amazing tool has a long and distinguished career ahead of it. There are many ways that these beats can help improve memory. They may be used to improve specific memories, general memory, and long or short-term memories.

Be sure to give some thought to all of these tips for boosting your memory. Give one or more of them a shot right now and find out what a difference it can make for you.

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Hypertension Alzheimer’s Dementia and Health

What is Alzheimer's disease?

One of the major health concerns that seem to be threatening our world today is the rise in Alzheimer’s and dementia. Most of us have known or no someone who has this dreaded disease. The older we get the more concerned we may be, without developing the disease ourselves. Is there a way to slow down or to prevent this dilemma? It is an interesting question that was put to the Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention and Cure. They concluded that one-third of dementia cases could be prevented through better lifestyle choices. Here are 3 areas we can focus on to improve our health and lower the risk of these diseases.

High Blood Pressure

Dr. Oz Checks Blood pressureThere are many reasons to be concerned about high blood pressure. It’s been called the silent killer because many people are unaware that they have the disease. There is growing evidence that links high blood pressure to more than just heart attacks and strokes. Evidence now suggests that it may also be involved in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Researchers are finding out that patients with dementia are showing complications with blood vessels that supply the brain with important oxygen and nutrients. Taking action to control and lower one’s blood pressure during the ages of 35 to 65 years old may possibly prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia according to researchers.

Is It Time to Get a Sauna

woman in sauna lower blood pressure

This may be another way to keep blood pressure under control. This study comes out of Sweden involved 1600 middle-aged men who had high blood pressure and used a sauna from 5 to 7 times a week. Researchers are not sure the exact mechanism that helped to lower blood pressure, but they believe the results were systemic. Raising the body temperature widens the blood vessels and thus improves circulation throughout the body. Another added benefit of using the sauna includes relaxing the mind and the body as well as fluids through sweating. The individuals who use a sauna 5 to 7 times per week had a 46% lower blood pressure than those who only used it once per week. ( the University of Eastern Finland, news release, September 29, 2017).

Diet and Exercise


healthy girl

We all know that we should watch our diet and exercise more. However, the knowledge does not necessarily bring about any results. There is a wealth of information that shows a healthy lifestyle involves a good nutritious diet and a regular regimen of exercise. I go to the gym and see many people who have been exercising for long periods of time without any results. I believe the reason is that it is diet AND exercise, not diet or exercise. Many people believe they can exercise without watching their diet and get results. In youth that may be possible to a limited extent, however, I don’t believe it’s possible as we grow older. Exercise and dieting go hand in hand. I believe it can be quite dangerous to exercise without a healthy nutritious diet being part of the program. Working with these 3 tips I believe is an excellent way to take control of one’s health. Of course, along with our diet, there may be a need for supplementation. Personally, I take to servings of Cardio Cocktail per day as a cardiovascular supplement. Sometimes I will alternate between Cardio Cocktail and Cardio for Life, but I always take to servings of this type of supplement to improve cardiovascular circulation.

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Keeping Your Brain Sharp

Strengthen your memory skills to increase your memory capacity. While it may seem that there is nothing you can do to strengthen your memory as you age, there are actually a number of strategies that can help. The worse strategy is to do nothing. That being said, don’t stress out about forgetful moments from time to time. To keep your mind sharp use ir or loose it, regardless of your age.

A good way to keep your memory and mind sharp is to challenge yourself daily with brain exercises. It is important to exercise your brain, just like it’s important to exercise your body. This brain exercise can improve many mental skills, including attention span, concentration, and of course, memory. Popular choices for improving your memory may include things like crossword puzzles, trivia and sudoku questions.

Get up and walk away from your study or work routine for a minimum of five minutes per hour. Your brain requires a rest and relaxation period to better handle what you have provided. You will then be able to remember the information.

When studying, be sure to alter your study environment from time-to-time. Changing surroundings reinvigorates the mind, and causes long-term memory to be more efficacious. If it senses a change in its usual routine, your brain will wake up. This can make it easier to learn new information.

cardio-cocktail_150Supplements that may help with brain function are Omega 3 fatty acids, Phospytidal Serine, flavanols, B vitamins, Antioxidants, Magnesium and there are others. The key with supplementation is finding the ones that work for you and your body. Don’t forget supplements are exactly that, supplements and should not be substituted for a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Brain health is the second most important component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle according to a 2014 AARP study. Cocoa Flavanols: Cocoa flavanols have been linked to improved circulation and heart health, and preliminary research shows a possible connection to memory improvement as well. A study showed cocoa flavanols may improve the function of a specific part of the brain called the dentate gyrus, which is associated with age-related memory (Brickman, 2014). Full article here