Cardio Cocktail Testimonials

We have quite a few reviews on the benefit of taking Cardio Cocktail.  We have seen very few people who have had some type of circulation problem and taken Cardio Cocktail and have not benefited in some way.  That is why we have many repeat customers.  Here is a small list of the many positive reviews we have had.


In February 2006, I tested with the DPA as someone with 80-year-old arteries. I thought, “I am a doctor. I can handle this”. I tested a few months later even worse. I have a genetic predisposition to cardiovascular disease and was having trouble catching my breath. It was then that I started on the Cardio Cocktail at 2 oz. Per day. I bought a DPA machine and use it in my practice every chance I get. Since almost every adult has blockage of some sort, now I can see how bad it is. Ten months later, I now have the arteries of a 30 something! I show everybody that walks into my office! Armed with these tools we can now reverse the risks of heart disease.

Dr. J S, ND, Asheville, NC

I saw a brochure advertising DPA and my husband and were tested in Jan. 2007. My reading was a F-80; it scared me. I started taking Cardio Cocktail 1 x a day and then in March 2 x a day. The first thing I noticed was circulation improvement, more energy. I am off Celebrex (arthritis meds, down to one blood pressure med, I was on three) and a large calcium deposit on my breastbone has been dissolved. All in all I am feeling wonderful!

L H., Fuquay-Varina, NC

Got screened on the DPA machine and got a very bad screening grade. A doctor had already told me that I had a lot of plaque. So it was not a surprise to me. Also, I was having a hard time catching my breath on my walk while walking uphill. So I bought the cardio cocktail and within two months my screening improved and also I no longer had trouble catching my breath on the uphill grade. I felt like the “ever ready” battery, I felt like I could “go and go” without any trouble. My grade went from an F to a B in three months. I had so much more energy, which I noticed within a two-week period of taking the cardio cocktail. Now I would not be without it. It’s part of my daily regimen.

J.K., Asheville, NC


I have been taking Cardio Cocktail for only two months; I am only on my fifth bottle. Here is what I have experienced. Much less swelling of the lower legs, especially on the right leg. I am 68 years old, and have had open-heart surgery five years ago. I have also been experiencing shortness of breath at times when I am not doing anything. This was scary; I say was, as this has gone away too. I am looking forward to my second testing.

M. G., Dallas, Georgia

My best testimonial is of my 50 year old obese diabetic male who originally tested G-80 with a 142-pulse rate on the DPA device. He could only afford 2 ounces a day of Cardio Cocktail. Forty-five days later he called with a report stating for 3 years he would finish work and lay on the couch until bedtime due to neuropathy of his feet and legs. The first drastic change was an increase of energy followed by complete relief in his legs and feet. He was now doing yard work after a full day’s work as an auto body mechanic. He also lost about 20 pounds since his appetite decreased while on the Cardio Cocktail. Three months into the program I retested him on the DPA and his readings improved to E-63 with a pulse of 84. He intimated that he didn’t have to be retested at that time since he felt a major change in his well being; but it is always nice for the client to see the print out as confirmation. I’m anxious to see a continuation of good results when testing in October.

My own story is: Age 65 active (competitive tennis and golf) female with HBP tested C- 67 in February and cut BP meds in half by mid May with reading of B-54. Am currently off medication and testing at B.

D. G., SC


A friend of mine, Roger Florence, started taking Cardio Cocktail July 4th, he was taking 3 shots a day to control his sugar levels, he is now down to one a day, also had uncontrollable blood pressure, Doctor said last week pressure was better than ever.

B. E., AL


I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1999. By 2006, I was feeling pretty bad. I was having dizzy spells and knew things were not right. I was tested by Dr. Wilkins on the DPA and scored a “D”. Three weeks later I was in the surgery room having open-heart surgery due to three arteries that were completely blocked. Since then, I have been taking Cardio Cocktail with my medications and lost 26 lbs. The most unusual response has come back from my eye doctor who said previously I had ruptured blood vessels that looked like “cotton wool” in my eyes. On my last visit she said, “It’s gone!” She was surprised because that is not something that usually “just goes away”. This is good thing, because when that progresses it leads to blindness. Also, I was tested again with the DPA and now I am a “B”! I am very happy with my results on the Cardio Cocktail.

Rick C., Hoschton, GA


Before Bobby started to take the Cardio Cocktail he was on high blood pressure medicine and cholesterol medicine. After being on the Cocktail he now does not have to take any blood pressure or cholesterol medicine.  I was told that I had high cholesterol around 205. After taking the Cardio Cocktail I don’t have any high cholesterol any more. My total was 181 the triglycerides was 125 normal, HDL 57 near optimal, LDL 99 optimal. What more can we say it really works!

Diane & Bobby B., Carrollton, GA


“I am 44 year old diabetic with high cholesterol. I have been using the Cardio Cocktail for several weeks now and wow! What a change! I used to huff and puff just walking down my driveway, now no more difficulty breathing. I have great energy and go on long walks with my wife. I have been able to come off my Lipitor and it is helping my diabetes too!”

Marty P., Carrollton, GA


“For months I had been having stinging sensations in my throat. I thought it was coming from my thyroid. Life Line Screening came to town. I took their tests and it showed I had a blockage. I then started taking Cardio Cocktail. Then I went to my medical doctor and was tested. That test showed an 80% blockage in my left carotid artery. My doctor wanted me to go to a surgeon. I told her I was taking a cardiovascular health supplement (Cardio Cocktail). She said, “I don’t believe in that”. I said, “We’ll see”. So I continued taking cardio Cocktail and was re-tested again in about a year. This latest test showed I have “mild stenosis (blockage)”. When I called my doctors office to get the results of my test the office personnel said I was okay. I will continue to take the cardio Cocktail forever.”

Ms. Jo A.


“Thank you for telling me about Cardio Cocktail. After my heart attack on October 14th and getting a stent I was taking statin drugs. They did drop my total cholesterol, but did nothing for my “good” HDL cholesterol (it was 26). I stopped the statin drug and started taking Cardio Cocktail. In 3 months I had my blood work done again. My doctor was shocked that my “good” HDL cholesterol had gone up to 37. She said it was hard to get it up 1 point let alone 11. I know it was the Cardio Cocktail because I had been eating right and exercising every day. The only thing different was the Cardio Cocktail, Thank you so much for getting me started on it!”

Richard B., 55 years old, Arberpensacola, FL


“I believe these people are on to something. I’m a diabetic and since being on Cardio Cocktail my blood sugar has normalized! Yesterday, I had an EKG done at the V.A. Hospital and everything was normal. I am 75 years old this month. Something is working. I can’t say for sure what, but I’ll stick with the Cardio Cocktail. Here is my check for two bottles.”

Doyle A.


“My husband Bob had a stroke and heart attack in January. I have spent a lot of money working with a qualified herbalist. The results have been poor as far as any help with the heart and circulation to the brain. Bob understands all that is said to him, but he has not been able to communicate very well. His thoughts were getting all mixed up. I am happy to report that as of Sunday he has been able to speak much better. He has been taking 3 ounces of Cardio Cocktail per day. I expect more good results to come. This is the break through we have been waiting for!”

Bob & Kay


“Largely prompted by our youngest son, Ernie’s recent heart attack, we have become acutely aware of the many cardio-vascular issues that so many people experience. We recently found a dietary supplement called “Cardio Cocktail” developed to improve heart health. Char and I have used the product for less than a month with many noticeable results already.


1.Discomfort in my left arm & chest 95% gone.

2.“Normal” aches and pains gone.

3.No more numbness in my hands and feet.

4.Periodic dizziness gone.

5.Male functions improved through better circulation.

6.Vastly improved sleep.

7.My blood pressure was 125 to 135 over 70—-now 108 over 64.


1.No more cold hands and feet.

2.Severe thumb joint pain gone.

3.Hip pain greatly decreased.

4.Vastly improved sleep.

For a long time I have wanted to do something like this that would truly improve others quality of life with a potential to make some extra money. I truly believe that I have found it.”

Ernie R. Buchanan, GA


“ I started taking Cardio Cocktail about 3 months before I went for this years physical. The reason I did that was so I could determine how much good it was actually doing based on the numbers that the doctor was giving me feedback on. My cholesterol had gotten a little high, but after taking the Cardio Cocktail for these past few months my bad cholesterol has gotten back down to 81. My overall cholesterol is down to 145. The big thing is that my blood pressure is way down. It’s down to 117 over 75. When I had it checked they wanted to know what medication I was on and I told them that I wasn’t on any medication for blood high pressure—they couldn’t believe my numbers were that low without taking medication. I’ve been taking the Cardio Cocktail and my energy level is up— I’ve lost a little bit of weight. I have diabetes and it seems to have helped stabilize that— now that I’ve found out about the diabetes and been taking the medications with the Cardio Cocktail everything has gotten back into the quote unquote normal range which is between 90 and 130 for my blood sugar just in a matter of 30 days and I attribute the rapid change to the fact that I take Cardio Cocktail. Anybody that is feeling fatigued, feeling wrung out, having trouble with their blood pressure, or their cholesterol, I would highly recommend they take Cardio Cocktail, give it a try, give it 90 days, and if you’re not satisfied, then move on, but I believe that if you take it for at least 90 days and have your numbers checked you will be ecstatic with the results. When Dr. Jay originally tested me for my circulation, I’m 51 years old now and my circulation was that of about a 60 year old. But now after using the Cardio Cocktail for just 60 days he re-tested me and my number has dropped down to about 37 and that just means more vitality, vigor, and stamina. I recommend the product highly to anybody that would like to feel better and be better internally.”

Philip L., Douglasville, GA

“I have had high cholesterol readings for years. I also believe in holistic and all natural healing and have never been happy about being on medications. I was taking medications to control high cholesterol for years and my cholesterol was 240 for the bad and 40 for the good. When I learned about the Cardio Cocktail, I stopped the medications and started taking the juice 3 times a day for 2 weeks and went to 2 times morning & night. I was on the product for 3 weeks and then went to have another a blood test taken. The reading came back and my bad cholesterol was 76 and the good was 41. I didn’t tell the doctor I had stopped taking my medications but took the opportunity to tell him about the Cardio Cocktail. He wasn’t interested at that time but did tell me I could go back to coming in to see him every 6 months instead of every 2 months. My medications weren’t doing anything to help my high cholesterol problem, however I was so grateful to learn about the Cardio Cocktail and for all it has done for my body and me.”

T. L., Acworth, GA


“I have been diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and had a stent put in my coronary artery due to a 90% blockage back in 2005. To make matters worse I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, which makes me very anxious around crowds and depressed. The fact of the matter is I have been on disability because of this. Well, This may sound far-fetched but I could tell a difference after the first dose of Cardio Cocktail. I lost 7 pounds in under a week (I could use it!). My energy and mood has gotten so much better. I feel like I can get back into life again! I haven’t felt this good since I can remember. My diabetic neuropathy is much improved. I went to Wal-Mart the other day and the crowds didn’t bother me! I can’t wait to see what the long term benefits this will mean for me and my family.”

John S., Villa Rica, GA


“I am a diabetic with high blood pressure and cholesterol. Since I have been using the Cardio Cocktail my energy has increased tremendously. I needed this product!”

Louise P., Carrollton, GA


“I have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and have had two minor heart attacks. Currently I am taking two medications. I know I have blocked arteries. Since taking the Cardio Cocktail I have felt like I am connected to a power outlet! I have not felt this good since taking chelation treatments six years ago. I don’t want to miss a dose of this stuff!”

Sam A., Marietta, GA


“I began using the Cardio Cocktail April 4th 3 times a day. I finished the three bottles May 14th on the day I saw my doctor. My blood pressure before beginning the Cardio Cocktail would spike to 180 – 185 over 80 – 85 and ran in the 140’s over mid 80’s between the spikes. At the doctors office it was 117/75. I said I could hardly believe it. The doctor took it again and said it was normal. Happy Days Are Here Again! Thank you so much!”

Alice B., Powder Springs, GA

“ Thank you for introducing me to the “Joy Juice” (Cardio Cocktail)! The last 10 years I have had no energy. My children have had to wait on me hand-and-foot. To do anything was a major effort. Now, my life has done a 180-degree turn around. I went form doing nothing to doing everything… and then helping others! It’s nice to be able to walk up the stairs in my three-bedroom home and cook for my husband again. I feel more like 25 then 58.”

M. R., Silver Creek, GA


“I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back in late 1999. Due to this I took Prednisone off-and-on for a couple of years. This medication caused me to have some bone loss as detected by a bone density scanner. Also, The inflammation in my colon predisposed me for a high risk of colon cancer. In 2006 a biopsy from my routine colonoscopy showed “severe and moderate dysplasia” (highly abnormal cell growth) which is a step before cancer. I am delighted to say that my bone loss reversed and instead of having my colon taken out (as suggested by my gastroenterologist) my next colonoscopy came back with only “mild dysplasia”. Yes! I feel that a major part of my reversal was the Cardio Cocktail and all the vitamin D and high antioxidant levels. My faith in natural supplements and the Cardio Cocktail has soared to a new level!”

Dr. J. W., Waco, GA


“I was diagnosed with a breathing obstruction. Since being on Cardio Cocktail my breathing is 100% better! Now, I can finally breath deeply after 20 years of difficulty. My energy is better and I can see vast improvements in my overall health. Also, my husband was diagnosed with heart problems. He is now doing much better!”

Dana B., Birmingham, AL


My name is Chip C. from Tennessee. This is my personal story with the product Cardio Cocktail. Approximately four years ago during a routine chest x-ray I was told that I have an aortic aneurysm. To confirm, a CAT Scan was ordered with contrast that confirmed an aneurysm that was 3.9cm in diameter. My family doctor sent me to a cardiologist. The cardiologist ordered a cat scan every 6 months, as he feared the aneurysm would get larger and possibly burst. Surgery to correct the aneurysm wouldn’t be considered until it reached 5.0cm. I was advised to live my life normally and to not lift over 50 lbs.  Thanks to God it remained stable for three years at 3.9cm so the Doctor went to CAT Scans annually. The last week of February 2008 I started on Cardio Cocktail. In November 2008 I went for my annual CAT Scan for my aortic aneurysm. At my appointment with the cardiologist, the Doctor was astounded when he explained the report to me. To quote him: “I have seen aneurysms stay the same size, I have seen them get larger, I have seen them burst, but I have never seen them shrink from 3.9cm to 3.2cm. What are you doing?” I told him I was taking L-Arginine (Cardio Cocktail). He was very much impressed and told us to keep up the good work on myself and continue to help other people.

Chip C., TN

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