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Benefits of Arginine

Cardio Cocktail has ArginineThere are several advantages of Arginine. Scientific reports have confirmed several of the benefits that are related to arginine from lowering blood pressure, improving the immune system, reducing arrhythmia symptoms, decreasing bad cholesterol, improving memory, and improving overall cardiovascular health and wellness.

This outstanding healthy amino acid is able to boost numerous facets of our health and cardiovascular wellness. It has come to be the crucial component for boosting blood flow and producing nitric oxide in our body

Just what is this Arginine?

Arginine is an amino acid that aids our body in its ability to create nitric oxide. You can not really understand the benefits of arginine without comprehending the importance of nitric oxide.
Diabetes SignSupplements that help the body to produce Nitric oxide (NO) benefit our body in circulation throughout the body, providing oxygen in addition to various other important nourishment to every cell within our body. Expanding our arteries, as well as maintaining healthy blood pressure.

When our body demands more blood for warmth or recovery from injury, our brain signals our body in the affected area to release more nitric oxide, which boosts blood flow provides important nutrients and oxygen.

High Cholesterol and Arginine

In the year 1999, researchers have actually discovered that we could lower our unhealthy cholesterol by raising arginine in our diet.  There are 2 sorts of cholesterols, high density and low-density lipoprotein.  Simply speaking, cholesterol is just a plaque or fat-like material that is used within our artery wall surfaces.

Our body Requires Cholesterol to be Healthy.

Cholesterol becomes unwanted when it accumulates within the artery walls and impedes circulation. This can create several unhealthy conditions that can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Brain Image Alzheimer'sArginine assists the body in the production of nitric oxide which acts like blood vessel expanders making them flexible and improving blood pressure. Arginine also helps get rid of those fatty depositions within our artery walls. On the other hand, high cholesterol, or so-called bad cholesterol, limit the body’s ability to manufacture nitric oxide.

Arginine for dealing with High blood pressure
By elevating vasodilation or widening of blood vessels, arginine may boost the efficiency of the circulatory system and improve overall heart health. There are many studies on PubMed that show the benefit of this amazing amino acid.

Cardiovascular wellness

Arginine is recognized for maintaining a healthier cardiovascular system as well as enhance our immune system. Many people have found that arginine boosts their blood flow and have been relieved of the symptoms that they were experiencing.


Many people in The U.S.A. are suffering from some sort of heart problem and this may be just the information they need to improve their health.


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What Everyone Needs to Know about Nitric Oxide

brain and heart nitric oxide

If you are into health then you have probably heard about nitric oxide. If you are not in the health menu may confuse it with nitrous oxide, which is laughing gas. Make no doubt about it however nitric oxide is nothing to laugh about. It’s actually a very important molecule for your cardiovascular health.

Before the discovery of nitric oxide, scientists were puzzled regarding the mechanism that allowed blood vessels to relax. They called it endothelium-derived relaxing factor. In the 90s 3 scientists discovered the molecule that was behind these results. That molecule, of course, was nitric oxide. These 3 scientists won a Nobel prizes for their discovery.

What Does Nitric Oxide Do?

High Blood Pressure DangerNitric oxide has many important functions within the body. However, before we talk about the functions of nitric oxide we need to understand that it is not a supplement. Nitric oxide is a molecule that your body produces given the right nutrients. Some of the benefits derived from the production of nitric oxide include improved memory due to enhanced communication between nerve cells in the brain, a more robust immune system, lowered blood pressure, reduced inflammation and improvement in sleep.

Nitric oxide: Experimental analysis of its role in brain tissue in simulated ischemia

Best Known for Cardiovascular Enhancement

You may have heard of people taking nitroglycerin to improve their cardiovascular health. While nitroglycerin did improve an individual’s heart health, doctors were unsure of the mechanism of action or why it worked. It turns out that nitroglycerin works by releasing nitric oxide. When nitric oxide is released blood vessels relax and the symptoms of cardiovascular disease subside. Rather than taking nitroglycerin there are healthier ways to improve nitric oxide production. Does blood flow from the heart affect memory?

The Supplement Arginine and Citrulline

Scientists discovered that 2 amazing amino acids L arginine and L citrulline can provide the body what it needs to produce nitric oxide. It has been discovered that taking arginine in the 5 g range along with a small amount of citrulline can increase nitric oxide production. You may recall news articles about watermelon rind improving cardiovascular health. The reason for this is that watermelon rind is high and citrulline. The body can use citrulline to produce more arginine. Many consider the use of arginine as the crucial component to producing nitric oxide.

Arginine Citrulline and Bodybuilders

Women exercising for Cardiovascular healthIf you are into bodybuilding you no doubt already know about these 2 amino acids and what they can do for workouts. Looking on any bodybuilding forum or bodybuilding website it will be hard to not find a supplement being sold that does not produce nitric oxide. Bodybuilders use the supplements to prolong that pumped feeling they get from working out.

For me, there is no question about it arginine and citrulline work to improve cardiovascular health. I’ve seen it time and time from testimonials from individuals using these products. There’s actually a machine that uses an infrared light that is FDA approved for measuring artery flexibility.

An individual can take the proper amount of arginine and citrulline and within 20 minutes or less you will usually see an improvement in arterial flexibility. Many researchers are saying that arterial flexibility is a better indicator of cardiovascular health than blood pressure. If you’re interested in learning more about Cardio Cocktail and nitric oxide have a look at this article.

Women and Heart Disease

Heart disease is not just for men.  Unfortunately, despite the long-held beliefs that heart disease is a man’s disease. women need to worry about heart disease more than men.  Statistics show that more women die of this disease than men.  Dr. Hayes of the Mayo Clinic wants to motivate women to take charge of their health and to be aggressive regarding their risk of heart disease.  Of course, selecting a healthy lifestyle is the best choice in taking care of your health.  For me and my family and everyone I know, I will be encouraging them to take an arginine-based supplement that includes citrulline, like Cardio Cocktail.



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The Benefits of Arginine

Arginine amino acidThere are many advantages of arginine. Scientific reports have proven some of the benefits that are associated with arginine that reduces blood pressure, improves the immune system, decreases arrhythmia symptoms, lowers cholesterol level, improves memory, and enhances cardiovascular health. This excellent protein is able to improve many facets of our cardiovascular health, and it has become the key component for enhancing blood circulation and creating nitric oxide in our body

All watermelon peels contain citrulline, which is loaded with antioxidant properties that convert to arginine, an essential amino acid. Arginine is great for the heart, immune system and circulatory system. The best way to eat the peel is by throwing … 7 Fruits And Veggies You Should NEVER Peel – The Alternative Daily (blog)


What is this Arginine?

Arginine is definitely a protein that helps to produce nitric oxide. You cannot comprehend arginine without understanding importance of nitric oxide.

Supplements rich in Nitric oxide (NO) has got the big responsibility of assisting blood circulation throughout our body, providing oxygen along with other vital nutrition to each of the tissues in our body, dilating our arteries, and maintaining our blood pressure normal. When any type of tissue within our body, demands more blood for keeping ourselves warm or healing our wound, our brain signals bloodstream in the affected region to release nitric oxide, which boosts blood flow delivering vital nutrients and oxygen.

High Cholesterol and Arginine

Arginine lowers cholesterolIn the year 1999, scientists have found that we can reduce our cholesterol levels by increasing arginine in our diets. There are two kinds of cholesterols, high density, and low-density lipoprotein. Simply speaking, cholesterol is nothing but a plaque or fat-like substance that is developed within our artery walls. Our body requires cholesterol to operate. Nevertheless, an excess of lower density (LDL) or bad, cholesterols can gradually accumulate within artery walls, ultimately causing several cardiovascular diseases, including Heart attacks and strokes.

Arginine and nitric oxide supplements are the blood vessel expanders making them key blood pressure regulators. As arginine expands our blood vessels, it increases the circulation of blood and eliminates those fatty depositions left out within our artery walls. High cholesterol, or too much of bad cholesterol, restricts the production of nitric oxide. SunIf … doctors say here’s the bottom line: Get tested ASAP to find out your “bad” cholesterol number because your long-term health may depend on it. Everyone should get their cholesterol checked — and children no … Cholesterol — Why the numbers, healthy diet really do matter – Chicago Sun-Times


Arginine for treating Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure DangerAccording to the research Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 31 % of United States population suffers from hypertension or High blood pressure. By raising vasodilation or widening of blood vessels, arginine increases the efficiency of ones heart by enhancing blood circulation throughout our body, and particularly to each chamber of our heart. blood pressure can be difficult, especially during the holidays and winter months. A change in routine, family visits, traveling, illness, holiday menus and financial concerns can all conspire to derail your best efforts at keeping chronic … Managing High Blood Pressure During the Holidays – Emporia Gazette


Cardiovascular health

Arginine is recognized for maintaining our heart healthier and assists our body to overcome congestive cardiovascular system failure, angina, high blood pressure, as well as other heart diseases. By enhancing the flow of blood in arteries within our heart, symptoms are relieved and in many cases, conditions are actually improved. More than 60 million folks in America are suffering from some type of heart disease and this will be a great news that can help these individuals.

As per Mayo Clinic, arginine health supplements are beneficial to those who have some kind of heart disease. For example, it may assist in treating:

  • clogged arteries
  • heart disease
  • angina

Heart Healthy FamilyArginine is used for treating heart diseases in addition to blood vessel ailments such as congestive heart failure or CHF, hypertension, chest pain, and other heart diseases. Arginine can also be utilized for persistent pain within our legs due to blocked blood vessels (intermittent claudication), reduced mental ability within elderly people (senile dementia), erection problems (ED), along with men infertility.

Some individuals utilize arginine to prevent the common cold, enhancing their kidney performance after having a kidney transplant, hypertension during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia), improving athletic efficiency, improving our immune system, and preventing soreness of digestive tracts among premature babies.

Cardio Cocktail contains Arginine.  Each serving of Cardio Cocktail contains 5 grams of Arginine along with other important nutrients to support your heart.  For many people 5 grams has shown to be the dose for optimal cardiovascular support.

All of these pieces of evidence prove the importance arginine in cardiovascular diseases. Before you start using arginine for any heart condition, you must consult your doctor.

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The miracle molecule L-Arginine – How it can save your life

L-Arginine History

ArginineL-Arginine was discovered back in 1886. It reportedly came from the extract of a lowly bean. Arginine is an amino acid that can be made in the human body, otherwise known as a non-essential amino acid. A non-essential amino acid is called “non-essential” because it is one that can be made by the human body and so is not essential to the human diet. There are 11 nonessential amino acids: arginine, alanine, asparagine, aspartic acid, cysteine, glutamic acid, glutamine, glycine, proline, serine, and tyrosine. There are also essential amino acids. These are amino acids that cannot be made by the body. As a result, they must come from food.


Arginine is commonly found in many protein-rich foods. A few arginine-rich foods include steak, turkey, chicken, pork, pumpkin seeds and soy products. In researching this article I also found out on, that sea lion is incredibly high in arginine, but unless your an Eskimo, I doubt that’s an actual menu choice. The average American diet contains somewhere around 3 to 5 grams of arginine a day.

Recent History

L-Arginine has become wildly popular over the past few years due to its ability to create nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator. A vasodilator is anything that opens up or widens your blood vessels. Evidence suggests that arginine may help treat medical conditions that improve with increased vasodilation.

A list of conditions benefited includes atherosclerosis ( clogged arteries ), chest pain, erectile dysfunction, heart disease, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, and possibly migraines of certain types. Let’s break a few of these down one by one.


Atherosclerosis is the hardening and narrowing of the arteries. It quietly and slowly blocks arteries, putting circulation at risk. A substance that can open hardened arteries then has an obvious usefulness in it’s treatment.

Chest Pain ( Angina )

A study found here determined that:

“the administration of L-arginine was shown to control ischemic injury by producing nitric oxide which dilates the vessels and thus maintains proper blood flow to the myocardium”

Translation? By opening up the arteries it reduces pain in those who suffer from angina.

Erectile Dysfunction

Besides being the most annoying subject line you can see in an email, erectile dysfunction is a real problem. How does arginine help fight this common problem? Again another study found here puts it this way:

“Penile erection requires the relaxation of the cavernous smooth muscle, which is triggered by nitric oxide (NO). We investigated the possibility of overcoming erectile dysfunction (ED) by increasing the amounts of endogenous NO”

The study concluded … “that oral administration of L-arginine in combination with Pycnogenol causes a significant improvement in sexual function in men with ED without any side effects”. We’ll cover Pycnogenol a little later.
Some people with HIV have also been reported to be using it to help gain or maintain weight.  It has also been used to reduce kidney inflammation. To write a list of all the benefits would be truly exhausting. Arginine is a substance that seems to work well by itself. Combine it with other substances, however, and the list of things it can be used to treat explodes exponentially.

Arginine Studies

There are tons of studies on arginine. Some were good studies, some were bad. The preponderance of the studies shows that arginine is safe and at a minimum a heart-healthy supplement. A few of the not so good studies purport to show that arginine by itself is not effective at boosting nitric oxide levels in healthy adults. Here are a few things to keep in mind about these studies. Firstly, these studies have been performed mostly on healthy adults. It’s important to note that during periods of illness and chronic conditions like hypertension and type II diabetes, the enzyme that degrades L-arginine (known as arginase) increases and this results in an arginine deficiency. So in other words, if your a healthy young athlete who eats plenty of protein and eggs and who has no heart issues, you may not benefit that much from arginine. If you have heart disease? Absolutely you will benefit.

The need to Combine

Any arginine supplementation regime you use to boost nitric oxide should also have L-Citrulline.
Cells in the lining of the gut, as well as arginase, work together to reduce the bio-available amount of arginine that can enter into your bloodstream. This is one reason citrulline is so important. In the body, it is converted into arginine in the kidneys. When citrulline enters the kidneys, it is readily converted to arginine, thereby raising plasma and tissue levels of arginine and enhancing nitric oxide amounts. It bypasses many of the “hurdles” arginine must pass before being released into the bloodstream. It also has a much better rate of absorption. Citrulline increases levels of arginine in the blood more effectively than arginine itself. It has been researched that to get the longest production of nitric oxide it is best to have a 2:1 ratio of arginine to citrulline. A dosage of 2000mg of arginine with 1000mg of citrulline is seen as a potent and effective mixture. If you plan on using an arginine supplement, make sure it has at a minimum both arginine and citrulline.

Does it really work?

On the Mayo clinic website, they have a simple grading system they use to verify or refute purported evidence of vitamins, supplements, and other novel substances. Here is it in full…

A Strong scientific evidence for this use
B Good scientific evidence for this use
C Unclear scientific evidence for this use
D Fair scientific evidence against this use (it may not work)
F Strong scientific evidence against this use (it likely does not work)

What is arginine’s raking with the mayo clinic in regards to heart related problems?
Here are their exact words…

Good scientific evidence for this use
Heart disease There is good scientific evidence that dietary supplementation with L-arginine may help people with coronary artery disease, angina, or clogged arteries, due to its effects on blood vessels. Larger, longer-term studies are needed to confirm these initial positive effects.
Good scientific evidence for this use
Heart failure Arginine has been studied in people with heart failure. Longer-term studies are required to confirm the clinical benefit of L-arginine supplementation in people with heart disease.
Good scientific evidence for this use
Peripheral vascular disease/claudication Peripheral vascular disease, also known as intermittent claudication, is a narrowing of blood vessels in the legs and feet caused by fatty deposits. This condition causes decreased blood flow to the legs and feet, resulting in leg pain and tiredness. A small number of studies report that arginine therapy may improve walking distance in people with claudication. Further research is needed.

How much is needed?

Arginine and Arginine mixed with citrulline can be taken as much as twice a day. When taking arginine alone, a tolerance can be developed so you may occasionally need to up the dose. This should be done slowly as at higher dosages it can cause some to have stomach issues. Taking it twice a day, with the second dosage being taken before bed, offers an added benefit of increasing growth hormone release at night. Unless you have a pituitary disease, having high natural levels of growth hormone is massively beneficial both to fighting aging and you’re overall cardiovascular health. A good starting dosage would be 2000MG of arginine and 1000 of citrulline. Evidence suggests that around 12 Grams is the maximum you can take without serious stomach issues.

Arginine, exercise and life extension

Arginine has come in and out of fashion in the bodybuilding world several times over the years. It was first popularized in the late 1980’s due to a life extension book heavily promoting it. Besides being touted as a vasodilator, it has also been theorized that taking it pre-workout can increase growth hormone secretion. Why do bodybuilders want more growth hormone? Why would you want more? Growth hormone repairs hard-to-heal connective tissue and is used by athletes to heal stubborn injuries like knee problems. It also has effects on the muscles and skin that are anti-aging in nature such as increasing elasticity and volume. An interesting point to note here is that the human body does not stop producing growth hormone with age. It actually produces more growth hormone interrupting chemicals that mask it or slow it down as you age, thereby slowing it’s release into the body. It’s believed that arginine can or may be able to block those interruptive signals.
While arginine’s effects as a vasodilator have been proven true, it’s usefulness in stimulating growth hormone are dependent on when and how you take it. For arginine to work as a growth hormone releaser, the body has to be in the right state for growth hormone release to occur. Growth hormone will is released in the body in more significant amounts when the following conditions are met:
1. Low blood glucose levels
2. Low fatty acids in the blood
3. There can be no other amino acids ( besides citrulline ) to compete with arginine in your system at time of ingestion

Recent studies show that taking arginine just before a workout decreases the amount of growth hormone released during the exercise session! So take it just before a workout is not recommended. There are then, two optimal times to take arginine. One way, if you work out in the morning, would be to take it with some carbohydrates, two and a half hours before your workout. The other way would be to take it at night on an empty stomach or again with some carbs. You could, of course, do both.
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