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What Everyone Needs to Know about Nitric Oxide

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If you are into health then you have probably heard about nitric oxide. If you are not in the health menu may confuse it with nitrous oxide, which is laughing gas. Make no doubt about it however nitric oxide is nothing to laugh about. It’s actually a very important molecule for your cardiovascular health.

Before the discovery of nitric oxide, scientists were puzzled regarding the mechanism that allowed blood vessels to relax. They called it endothelium-derived relaxing factor. In the 90s 3 scientists discovered the molecule that was behind these results. That molecule, of course, was nitric oxide. These 3 scientists won a Nobel prizes for their discovery.

What Does Nitric Oxide Do?

High Blood Pressure DangerNitric oxide has many important functions within the body. However, before we talk about the functions of nitric oxide we need to understand that it is not a supplement. Nitric oxide is a molecule that your body produces given the right nutrients. Some of the benefits derived from the production of nitric oxide include improved memory due to enhanced communication between nerve cells in the brain, a more robust immune system, lowered blood pressure, reduced inflammation and improvement in sleep.

Nitric oxide: Experimental analysis of its role in brain tissue in simulated ischemia

Best Known for Cardiovascular Enhancement

You may have heard of people taking nitroglycerin to improve their cardiovascular health. While nitroglycerin did improve an individual’s heart health, doctors were unsure of the mechanism of action or why it worked. It turns out that nitroglycerin works by releasing nitric oxide. When nitric oxide is released blood vessels relax and the symptoms of cardiovascular disease subside. Rather than taking nitroglycerin there are healthier ways to improve nitric oxide production. Does blood flow from the heart affect memory?

The Supplement Arginine and Citrulline

Scientists discovered that 2 amazing amino acids L arginine and L citrulline can provide the body what it needs to produce nitric oxide. It has been discovered that taking arginine in the 5 g range along with a small amount of citrulline can increase nitric oxide production. You may recall news articles about watermelon rind improving cardiovascular health. The reason for this is that watermelon rind is high and citrulline. The body can use citrulline to produce more arginine. Many consider the use of arginine as the crucial component to producing nitric oxide.

Arginine Citrulline and Bodybuilders

Women exercising for Cardiovascular healthIf you are into bodybuilding you no doubt already know about these 2 amino acids and what they can do for workouts. Looking on any bodybuilding forum or bodybuilding website it will be hard to not find a supplement being sold that does not produce nitric oxide. Bodybuilders use the supplements to prolong that pumped feeling they get from working out.

For me, there is no question about it arginine and citrulline work to improve cardiovascular health. I’ve seen it time and time from testimonials from individuals using these products. There’s actually a machine that uses an infrared light that is FDA approved for measuring artery flexibility.

An individual can take the proper amount of arginine and citrulline and within 20 minutes or less you will usually see an improvement in arterial flexibility. Many researchers are saying that arterial flexibility is a better indicator of cardiovascular health than blood pressure. If you’re interested in learning more about Cardio Cocktail and nitric oxide have a look at this article.

Women and Heart Disease

Heart disease is not just for men.  Unfortunately, despite the long-held beliefs that heart disease is a man’s disease. women need to worry about heart disease more than men.  Statistics show that more women die of this disease than men.  Dr. Hayes of the Mayo Clinic wants to motivate women to take charge of their health and to be aggressive regarding their risk of heart disease.  Of course, selecting a healthy lifestyle is the best choice in taking care of your health.  For me and my family and everyone I know, I will be encouraging them to take an arginine-based supplement that includes citrulline, like Cardio Cocktail.