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Heart Attacks Increase During the Holidays

heart attackHeart Attacks increasing during the holidays is a scary thought but is it true? For years medical professionals have been baffled by an increase in heart attacks during the holiday season. According to a study performed by Tufts University School of Medicine, the increase is 5 percent more heart-related deaths during the holiday season.

ksdk.comEnberg’s wife, Barbara, confirmed her husband’s death to USA TODAY Sports on Thursday night. She told The San Diego Union-Tribune it appeared Enberg suffered a heart attack at their La Jolla, Calif., home as he prepared to fly from San Diego to Boston on Thursday morning. | Longtime sports broadcaster Dick Enberg dies at 82

For many years, researchers have been intrigued by a disturbing pattern: Deadly heart attacks increase during the winter holiday season. One study even found distinct spikes around Christmas and New Year’s Day.

The Truth Behind More Holiday Heart Attacks

What is Behind Holiday Heart Attacks?

Many of the heart-related events that come up this time of year are known as the “Happy Hanukkah Heart Attack” or the “Merry Christmas Coronary.”

Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas Nevada

What is behind the cardiovascular events that are happening this time of year? Researchers are aware that more people suffer heart attacks during cold weather when blood vessels are more constricted due to the weather. This does not seem to explain why more people have heart attacks during the holidays than other times of the winter months.

“But we’re also learning that there are certain triggers for cardiovascular events,” he adds, “including time of the year and seasons. If we can get a true handle on the seasonal variation, we could knock down death from coronary disease.”

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A medical Journal called Circulation had some interesting suggestions regarding the reason heart attacks increase during this time of year. They stated that some individuals don’t want to interrupt the family gathering so they put off seeking medical attention.



today.comThe incidence of heart attacks goes up during the holidays due to such circumstances as cold weather. Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of “The Dr. Oz Show” (and a heart surgeon) joins Megyn Kelly TODAY with health advice, cautioning against shoveling snow if you haven’t been exercising regularly. He also says to enjoy your meals … but fill half your plate with vegetables!  Read more…


perfect storm heart attack

Another factor they believe comes into play is that people overindulge during this time of year and that there can be a lot of emotional stress. Sounds like the perfect storm for a cardiovascular event.

While researchers don’t know exactly why heart attacks are more common around holidays, they note a number of possible reasons, including changes in diet and alcohol consumption during the holidays; stress from family interactions, strained finances, travel and entertaining; respiratory problems from burning wood; and not paying attention to the signs and symptoms of a heart attack.

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Stop the Holiday Heart Attacks!

Heart Attack Solution

What is the solution? Of course, it seems quite simple. Don’t overindulge, seek medical attention if you are experiencing symptoms of cardiovascular problems and seek time to de-stress.  We must realize that cardiovascular events develop over time.  It is not a disease that happens suddenly.

For the majority of people, it is a disease that is self-inflicted.  The best solution is prevention and taking responsibility for our health.  As for me, I’ll  be drinking my Cardio Cocktail!!!

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Unfortunately Ralphie May Was No Surprise

Ralphie May


On October 6, 2017 Ralphie May was found dead in a private residence in Las Vegas.  May’s manager claimed that the Last Comic Standing celebrity had been fighting pneumonia which had caused him to cancel several his tour.

Two months after comedian Ralphie May was found dead in a Las Vegas private residence, the cause of his death has been revealed. May, 45, died from hypertensive cardiovascular disease, Clark County Coroner’s office confirmed today to People.

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Unfortunately for May he never recovered and actually died from cardiovascular disease according to the Clark County coroner’s office.

The disease, hypertension, that killed May is known as the silent killer. It kills many people each year who are unaware of the deadly effects of this disease. If you or someone you know has high blood pressure it is important to take this seriously.  If hypertension is left untreated it can result in death.

Hypertension actually is a form of heart disease. When arteries become blocked due to poor lifestyle choices blood pressure rises in the heart is forced to work harder. Over time the heart becomes stressed and the body cannot get the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

This can eventually lead to heart failure. It can also cause arteries to become clogged, blood clots to form in the heart itself can be starved of nutrients.

Why call hypertension the “silent killer”

Blood pressure can be simply defined as the amount of pressure on the arterial wall as blood is being pumped through the body. When that pressure becomes too much the arterial walls can rupture. This leads to repair and thickening of the arteries and blood pressure becomes elevated.

The problem is that this happens over time and no one is really aware of the blood being pumped through our arteries. Individuals may feel fine and not be aware of the looming problem.

Sadly Many People Have this Disease

Dr. Oz Checks Blood pressureSad to say that many people are in similar situations as Ralphie May. Recently new guidelines have been instituted by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. The new guidelines now indicate that the threshold for high blood pressure is 130/80. This now defines hypertension. The old measurement used to be 140/90.

Lowering the guidelines now mean that more people have high blood pressure. The hope is that people will take this seriously and take action to improve their cardiovascular health.

What to Do?

It’s very important that we pay attention to a healthy lifestyle. Diet, exercise, and keeping stress level at a minimum are excellent places to start. Our love of food and poor lifestyle choices have contributed much to the problem of cardiovascular disease.

Ralphie May describe themselves as a comedian who happened to be fat. While I do believe Ralphie May was a comedian, I do not believe he had to be fat. Health is a choice for many people and it is a lack of integrity to ourselves and our family not to be responsible for it.  If you want to learn more about what you can do to combat hypertension then you must listen to The Assassin Within!

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When Arteries Become Hard

Lucille Ball died with Hardening of the Arteries

You may have heard of hardening of the arteries but what exactly does that mean? Healthy arteries within the body should be elastic allowing for smooth blood flow. However, as we age our arteries become stiff and less flexible. This is how the actress Lucille Ball died despite the best efforts of her medical doctors. How can we keep arteries smooth and flexible as we age?


Eat Healthy for good healthThis may be the million-dollar question with many different answers and no one really knowing for sure. Most health professionals will tell you that a good diet is involved but now the question becomes what is a good diet? Many in the alternative health field will talk about nutritional supplements that one can take to improve cardiovascular health. While I do believe in taking nutritional supplements I think one should always keep in mind that they are supplements. For me, a supplement is something that supports the foundation of our health.


What Is the Foundation of Our Health?


The foundation of our health is the lifestyle choices that we make. This not only includes our diet but also includes our mental health and well-being and physical exercise. Having these as the foundation of health we can add supplements to enhance our well-being.


Arterial Stiffness


inflammation in the artheryBack to arterial stiffness and how we can keep our arteries flexible. Of course, staying away from saturated fats, hydrogenated oils and products that are high in sugar is a must. These are all things that most healthcare professionals would agree contribute to cardiovascular disease. As far as supplements are concerned, a healthy dose of arginine and citrulline have been shown to increase nitric oxide productivity keeping arteries flexible.


Other Supplements to Consider for Flexibility


I have been reading a lot about vitamin K 2. There is some evidence in scientific literature that suggests it may be able to reverse vascular calcification. Vascular calcification is calcium in the arteries which leads to stiffness. As blood travels through the arteries they become cut and need repair. Many believe that an excessive amount of tear put on the arteries is due to a poor diet. Calcium becomes stuck in the arteries and leads to calcification.


Were Vitamin K2 Comes into Play


Vitamin K 2 protects the body against this calcification. It does this by keeping calcium in the bones where it belongs and by blocking calcium from being absorbed into the arteries. It is believed that K2 activates the calcium-binding proteins that enhance calcium absorption in the bones.  Leafy green vegetables are high in Vitamin K 2.  You can also obtain Vitamin K 2 in supplemental form just make sure it is K 2 and not the other forms of Vitamin K.

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Benefits of Omega 3 in Cardio Cocktail

Cardio Cocktail has Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acid is an important ingredient in Cardio Cocktail. That is why we include a healthy dose of omega-3 in every serving of this heart-healthy supplement. Despite what you might be reading in the news cardiovascular disease continues to be on the rise. It has significantly increased in the last few decades and it has become one of the main causes of deaths not merely in the United States, but also in other countries. However, it has been proved that chance of heart diseases can be substantially lowered by lifestyle choices. One of those lifestyle choices may involve taking the right supplements. Adequate consumption of omega-3 essential fatty acids as shown to be beneficial for many people suffering from cardiovascular disease. So the big question may be,  what is the connection between Heart diseases and omega-3?

Cardiovascular diseases, the leading cause of premature death in the world, include heart attacks, strokes, and other circulatory diseases. At the same time, efforts to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases appear to be working as the rise in deaths is slower than the overall growth of the population. Globally, the number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases increased by 41% between 1990 and 2013, climbing from 12.3 million deaths to 17.3 million deaths. Deaths from cardiovascular disease increase globally while mortality rates decrease | Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Omega 3 in FishThere are many related health benefits of Omega 3 and it has been discovered that Omega3 from nutritional supplements such as fish oils reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks substantially. In addition, omega3 can keep cholesterol levels under control relieving stress. Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to lower inflammatory agents within the body as well as combat the negative effects of high triglycerides. Not only this, brainpower and skin health can also be improved by omega 3.

What Research Says

There are a lot of pieces of evidence, which demonstrates that omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce coronary heart diseases. One particular report published in American Journal for Clinical Nutrition demonstrates that consuming more omega 3 can enhance systolic blood pressure levels in addition to reducing the flexibility of blood vessels. This may considerably reduce the potential risk of heart attacks and heart diseases. We all know that heart problems can occur due to many factors including thickening of arteries, the build-up of blood clots as well as fats within blood and arteries.

Moreover, scientific research has proved that omega 3 essential fatty acids successfully lower aggregation of blood platelets to make our blood thinner, sustaining the mobility of body fat within our blood. This reduces the chance of these fats sticking to our artery walls preventing the normal flow of blood. Omega-3 fatty acids can also help to relax our arteries.

The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil supplements have been shown to decrease inflammation in the body that is associated with cancer, heart disease, and other serious health issues. And it’s the DHA in this supplement that can reduce cytokine levels and improve your gut health and digestion, which (among other benefits) helps your body absorb fat. In clinical trials, fish oil was actually shown to increase metabolism and fat burning, with close attention paid to stubborn belly fat. The One Anti-Inflammatory Supplement You Should Take For Belly Fat

See What Happens To Your Body When You Start Taking Fish Oil Everyday

Omega-3 keeps our Heart Pumping

It is not that our heart is deficient in Omega 3, but Omega 3 has one important heart friendly property.

Omega 3 counteracts Omega 6, another essential fatty acid. The fact is Omega 6 can be found in Soy Oil, which is also present in almost all processed food items and constitutes up to 30% of the calories that any American can consume. Creating a big imbalance of Omega six to Omega 3 within our body.

This discrepancy could cause hypertension and soreness. Omega3 regains stability when it is consumed appropriately to balance our Omega 6 (Consult Naturopath or your doctor to know the amount of omega 3 that can meet your requirements).

Cardiovascular Disease and Omega 3

Cardio Cocktail Powerful blend of supplements for the heartWhat about those who have heart disease? Research claims that raising the amount of omega 3 can considerably reduce any future heart problems. Some experts recommend two to four gm. daily. If this is true, you need to take at least 10 servings of fish – that can cause toxin and mercury overexposure problems.

If you want to safeguard yourself and also wish to prevent cardiac issues, the best option would be to take fish-oil dietary supplements. Fish oil supplements can offer a large amount of pure omega-3 fatty acids. Using omega3 fish oil it is possible to safeguard your cardiovascular system, preventing cardiovascular diseases allowing you to live a healthier life.

Buying your health supplements from discount stores or even health food retailer can put you at risk because you may not get sufficient omega 3 as these omega 3 supplements may be created from fish living in polluted waters.


Omega-3 essential fatty acids are abundantly present in many natural food items including flaxseeds, the perilla plant, and fish. Nevertheless, the most powerful omega-3 essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA, can be found mainly in fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, tuna, as well as herring. However, because many people are concerned about high levels of mercury and unhealthy fat from farm-raised fish we decided to use perilla oil as our main source of omega-3 in Cardio Cocktail. If you wish to improve your cardio health using omega-3, then be sure to eat at least four servings of fatty fish every week.


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Alcohol and Heart Disease

Alcohol and heart diseaseOn many different studies regarding the longevity of life, researchers have found one common denominator, the consumption of alcohol. Elderly people who consume alcohol in moderation live longer overall than those who do not consume alcohol at all. So, I was a little shocked to find out that drinking alcohol can also increase your risk for cardiovascular disease. How could this be? The answer lies in moderation. According to the American Heart Association men who drink no more than 2 servings of alcohol per day seem to improve their heart health. For women, it is no more than one serving of alcohol per day.

Light to moderate drinkers may have a lower risk of heart disease than teetotalers, but a new study suggests this doesn’t hold true for people with fatty liver disease. Most people have a little bit of fat in their liver, but fatty liver disease can be … Heart benefit of alcohol not seen in people with liver disease


Wine and heart healthI had been under the erroneous impression that alcohol thins the blood which improves circulation. It appears that drinking more alcohol than the recommended amount creates cardiovascular problems. Some of the problems associated with excessive alcohol drinking include high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, alcoholism, and cancer. American Heart Association recommends that individuals do not start drinking to improve their cardiovascular health even though moderation can lead to improvements. Why doesn’t the American Heart Association recommend drinking in moderation to improve cardiovascular health? The problem lies with alcoholism. It’s not possible to predict who will become addicted to alcohol and who will not, therefore they do not recommend drinking alcohol in moderation to improve heart health.

Aside from its flavours, and capacity to help people relax, wine has gained something of a reputation as a “healthy” alcohol — with researchers in the past noting associations between red wine drinking in France, and lower incidence of heart disease. Is drinking wine really good for your heart? – The Conversation CA


Women exercising for Cardiovascular healthAccording to the American Health Association, the only known real benefits of drinking alcohol even in moderation is a small increase in good cholesterol. Since there are other ways to increase the so-called good cholesterol in our bodies the American Heart Association suggests these over the use of moderate drinking. What ways do they suggest to increase HDL cholesterol? One supplement that you can take that has been quite effective is niacin. This is considered to be part of the B vitamin family. However, there are some complications with taking this particular supplement. Niacin expands the capillaries and causes a niacin flush. It’s sort of a heated sensation over the body and an itching of the skin. There are some types of niacin called niacinamide that does not produce a flush. However, some would recommend not taking this form as it is not proven to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. I personally use the type that causes the flush and have become quite used to it.

Excessive alcohol consumption can be deadly in a variety of ways. Here’s what you should know. Think before you drink. It’s important to make wise decisions about … – Kansas City Star


Another way to increase good cholesterol is through exercise. I might include that it should be regular exercise. It would be wise to consult with your physician before embarking on a course of regular exercise if you already have cardiovascular disease.