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Do You Have Diabetes? Signs and Symptoms

Diabetes in Infants

Diabetes SignNo doubt you are familiar with the term diabetes. This disease is becoming common in the United States. According to the US centers for disease control and prevention, it is alarmingly on the rise. The CDC reports that one in 4 people have the disease and do not realize their health condition.

Many may not believe that diabetes is a serious illness and that can create serious health problems.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of the complications associated with diabetes include stroke, heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, amputations and an early death. In order to combat this disease is very important that we become familiar with the signs and symptoms of diabetes.

Treating type 2 diabetes includes making healthy food choices, losing weight if you’re overweight, getting regular exercise, and taking medications if necessary. You should also see your doctor regularly, test your blood sugar levels daily, keep your blood pressure and cholesterol under control, and quit smoking.  Read more…

Diabetes Infants

Diabetes in InfantsWe usually don’t think of diabetes as a problem for infants, however, infants can have the disease. High sugar in the blood or low sugar in the blood can be indications of an infant with diabetes. What do the parents need to be aware of regarding infant diabetes?

When adults have diabetes they do not feel well. Low blood sugar can make one cranky and irritable. Babies are no different. Look for signs of trembling being cranky, pale blue lips or pale fingers. Diabetes creates dehydration in the body so another sign might be a child who is thirsty all the time with increased urination.

Of course, you want to check with your medical professional to find out if you are suspicious of your infant having diabetes. Another telltale sign can be as sweet smell of the urine.

Other signs and symptoms that you want to be aware of include excessive sleepiness and hunger as well as any sores that are slow to heal. Another symptom that could be an indication of diabetes in your infant is a dark rash on the back of your baby’s neck. Again if you suspect your child has diabetes be sure and check with your healthcare professional.
Children with Diabetes.

Some children can also develop the disease and displays signs of this disease. Despite eating all the time they may not be able to gain weight and they seem to have an appetite that is never satisfied. Professionals say that weight loss is the number 1 sign of diabetes in children.

Other symptoms that you want to be aware of include moodiness, fatigue, vision problems, irritability, tingling in the hands and feet. Girls may tend to have chronic yeast infections. Be on the lookout for uncharacteristic behaviors in your children. Being tired and irritable may be the beginning signs of diabetes.

Adults Diabetes

Some adults may be susceptible to juvenile diabetes commonly called type I. Another form of diabetes is type II and usually occurs later on in life. The symptoms of both types of diabetes are similar. Here’s a list of some of the symptoms to look out for.

Track for DiabetesUnexplained weight loss can be a sign or symptom of diabetes. Usually we think of weight loss as a positive sign for health, however, it can be an indication of the diabetes disease. Some of the infants being thirsty and frequent urination is another sign that needs to be investigated. Being thirsty, frequent urination, tingling in the hands and feet are all signs and symptoms of diabetes.

If you suspect that you or someone you love has this disease be sure to check with your medical professional find out what steps you can take to combat the illness. While diabetes can have serious consequences and it is on the rise it does not have to win the battle for your health.

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