Digital PulseWave Analyzer

FDA Approved

Digital Pulse Wave Analyzer Provides You With

apple  A Snapshot of Your Arterial Elasticity
apple  Arterial Stiffnes
apple  Left Ventricle Ejection Level
apple  Blood Hydration Levels
apple  Peripheral Circulatory Disturbance

apple  Tests Heart Rate and Overall Cardiovascular  Health
apple  Identifying Arteriosclerosis – Arterial Aging
apple  Use of Pulse Wave Technology

apple  Early  Detection of Abnormal Arterial-wall Function


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The Digital PulseWave  Analyzer (DPA) provides you with a Letter Grade to Determine the Health  of Your Arteries. The DPA was used in the Framingham Study to Determine  it’s Efficacy and was Found to be Very Reliable. It’s a Simple Non-Invasive Test that can Provide you with Life Saving Information.   Schedule Your DPA Today!

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