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FDA may crack down on junk homeopathic ‘remedies’

It seems a little strange to me that the FDA is going to look at homeopathic remedies that they believe have no credibility.  How do you monitor something or look at something you don’t believe in?  If people want to spend their money on remedies that the FDA says is junk, is that not okay?  Do we need to check with the FDA regarding what is worth our money and what is not?  I understand if they are going to monitor the claims made by homeopathic remedies.  I believe this is the same agency that declares that only a drug is capable of curing anything and therefore is the only one that can make that claim.

What is really misleading is stating that “homeopathic remedies sit side by side with conventional drugs” when they in fact do not, nor does anyone except Professor Fugh-Berman believe that they do.

Still, the FDA has allowed homeopathic remedies to be sold under a different set of rules than normal medicines. TheCDC estimates that’s a huge market: Americans spent $2.9 billion on homeopathic treatments in 2007. The FDA hasn’t reviewed that policysince 1988, but this week it’s taking another look, asking for public comments more than 1, 100 have piled up and holding hearings from scientists and the homeopathy industry.
Allowing homeopathic remedies to sit side by side with conventional drugs that have undergone FDA scrutiny as over the counter drugs is inherently misleading,” Georgetown associate professor Adriane Fugh-Berman writes.

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