Lucille Ball died with Hardening of the Arteries

When Arteries Become Hard

You may have heard of hardening of the arteries but what exactly does that mean? Healthy arteries within the body should be elastic allowing for smooth blood flow. However, as we age our arteries become stiff and less flexible. This is how the actress Lucille Ball died despite the best efforts of her medical doctors. How can we keep arteries smooth and flexible as we age?


Eat Healthy for good healthThis may be the million-dollar question with many different answers and no one really knowing for sure. Most health professionals will tell you that a good diet is involved but now the question becomes what is a good diet? Many in the alternative health field will talk about nutritional supplements that one can take to improve cardiovascular health. While I do believe in taking nutritional supplements I think one should always keep in mind that they are supplements. For me, a supplement is something that supports the foundation of our health.


What Is the Foundation of Our Health?


The foundation of our health is the lifestyle choices that we make. This not only includes our diet but also includes our mental health and well-being and physical exercise. Having these as the foundation of health we can add supplements to enhance our well-being.


Arterial Stiffness


inflammation in the artheryBack to arterial stiffness and how we can keep our arteries flexible. Of course, staying away from saturated fats, hydrogenated oils and products that are high in sugar is a must. These are all things that most healthcare professionals would agree contribute to cardiovascular disease. As far as supplements are concerned, a healthy dose of arginine and citrulline have been shown to increase nitric oxide productivity keeping arteries flexible.


Other Supplements to Consider for Flexibility


I have been reading a lot about vitamin K 2. There is some evidence in scientific literature that suggests it may be able to reverse vascular calcification. Vascular calcification is calcium in the arteries which leads to stiffness. As blood travels through the arteries they become cut and need repair. Many believe that an excessive amount of tear put on the arteries is due to a poor diet. Calcium becomes stuck in the arteries and leads to calcification.


Were Vitamin K2 Comes into Play


Vitamin K 2 protects the body against this calcification. It does this by keeping calcium in the bones where it belongs and by blocking calcium from being absorbed into the arteries. It is believed that K2 activates the calcium-binding proteins that enhance calcium absorption in the bones.  Leafy green vegetables are high in Vitamin K 2.  You can also obtain Vitamin K 2 in supplemental form just make sure it is K 2 and not the other forms of Vitamin K.

brain synapse on mycardiograde

Lose Weight Not Your Mind

Recently I remember reading an article on losing weight and one of the suggestions was not to eat when you are distracted. The reason being, according to the article, is that individuals tend to eat more when they are distracted. The article went on to suggest that when you are eating you should not be involved in any other activities. It seemed to make sense to me. Today it seems like everyone is distracted.  No one seems to be present to the task at hand and everyone seems to be somewhere else rather than present.  Just look at people in their cars and you will see many people distracted and only a few driving.  Now that is scary.

Omega 3 in FishWhat happens when we are distracted while eating? The article went on to point out that we tend to eat more than normal. We may not be present to that satiated feeling of being full and we are not mindful of what we are selecting to put into our bodies.

According to new research, mindfulness sharpens a person’s ability to recognize internal cues that signal hunger and fullness. In a 2016 study, researchers taught people a short body scan meditation that primes them to become more aware of their own body. (Try out our guided meditation below to see what it’s like.) The meditators then received either a small or large Snickers bar. Later, they were allowed to eat as many chocolate cookies as they liked.



Meditation and Mindfulness

A new type of meditation is beginning to take hold in the West, it’s called mindful meditation. Most people are familiar with meditation where one tries to empty their mind of all thought. Mindful meditation is different. Rather than trying to empty your mind of all thought the individual becomes conscious of being present in the moment. When an individual practices mindful meditation while eating they focus on the food. Individuals focusing on the food they are eating tend to eat less and become more aware of being full.


Researchers in the fast-growing field of mindfulness research are learning that simply changing how we eat might be a key to weight loss. Mindful practices like meditation are being used as tools to improve health, lessen pain and dodge sickness in large part because they reduce stress. And since stress is often at the root of overeating, mindfulness seems to make us eat better meals, which means it’s likely possible to lose weight without dieting.

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Mindful Meditation and Other Benefits


girl sun bathingResearchers now believe that mindful meditation can improve cognitive function and reduce stress along with weight loss. Researchers also found that people who practice mindful meditation while eating less food cravings. Many believe that there are more benefits to this practice. Mindful meditation retreats and books are written on the subject are readily available to those who are interested. Does it work? You’ll have to do send mindful meditation when you eat to find the answer.



Hypertension Alzheimer’s Dementia and Health

What is Alzheimer's disease?

One of the major health concerns that seem to be threatening our world today is the rise in Alzheimer’s and dementia. Most of us have known or no someone who has this dreaded disease. The older we get the more concerned we may be, without developing the disease ourselves. Is there a way to slow down or to prevent this dilemma? It is an interesting question that was put to the Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention and Cure. They concluded that one-third of dementia cases could be prevented through better lifestyle choices. Here are 3 areas we can focus on to improve our health and lower the risk of these diseases.

High Blood Pressure

Dr. Oz Checks Blood pressureThere are many reasons to be concerned about high blood pressure. It’s been called the silent killer because many people are unaware that they have the disease. There is growing evidence that links high blood pressure to more than just heart attacks and strokes. Evidence now suggests that it may also be involved in Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Researchers are finding out that patients with dementia are showing complications with blood vessels that supply the brain with important oxygen and nutrients. Taking action to control and lower one’s blood pressure during the ages of 35 to 65 years old may possibly prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia according to researchers.

Is It Time to Get a Sauna

woman in sauna lower blood pressure

This may be another way to keep blood pressure under control. This study comes out of Sweden involved 1600 middle-aged men who had high blood pressure and used a sauna from 5 to 7 times a week. Researchers are not sure the exact mechanism that helped to lower blood pressure, but they believe the results were systemic. Raising the body temperature widens the blood vessels and thus improves circulation throughout the body. Another added benefit of using the sauna includes relaxing the mind and the body as well as fluids through sweating. The individuals who use a sauna 5 to 7 times per week had a 46% lower blood pressure than those who only used it once per week. ( the University of Eastern Finland, news release, September 29, 2017).

Diet and Exercise


healthy girl

We all know that we should watch our diet and exercise more. However, the knowledge does not necessarily bring about any results. There is a wealth of information that shows a healthy lifestyle involves a good nutritious diet and a regular regimen of exercise. I go to the gym and see many people who have been exercising for long periods of time without any results. I believe the reason is that it is diet AND exercise, not diet or exercise. Many people believe they can exercise without watching their diet and get results. In youth that may be possible to a limited extent, however, I don’t believe it’s possible as we grow older. Exercise and dieting go hand in hand. I believe it can be quite dangerous to exercise without a healthy nutritious diet being part of the program. Working with these 3 tips I believe is an excellent way to take control of one’s health. Of course, along with our diet, there may be a need for supplementation. Personally, I take to servings of Cardio Cocktail per day as a cardiovascular supplement. Sometimes I will alternate between Cardio Cocktail and Cardio for Life, but I always take to servings of this type of supplement to improve cardiovascular circulation.

Nitric Oxide is good for the heart

Vitamin D Benefits

girl sun bathingMost people likely identify vitamin D as the “natural sunlight supplement,” or the supplement that helps sustain strong bones, however, there is a lot more to this important supplement. It actually serves an assortment array of tasks in the human body. This includes keeping our bones healthy as well as our muscle tissue. It also possesses favorable effects on inflammation. However, a lot of us really don’t obtain sufficient amounts of vitamin D on a day-to-day basis. It is currently believed that 1 billion people globally having a lack of this important Vitamin.

Despite the fact that your current workout regimen and your nutritional supplement collection could be right on point, missing out this important supplement may create mayhem on your general health, along with reducing your overall performance inside the health club. It’s time we provide this nutrient the attention it deserves. Give yourself a glass of whole milk (strengthened with vitamin D naturally) and sit down and do a little research on this important vitamin.

Vitamin D is known to have protective effects on bone health and also has several other critical functions. Vitamin D insufficiency is a key contributor to many human diseases including several cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression … Vitamin D critical to overall health – Conejos County Citizen


Vitamin D Benefits Our Bones

healthy girlWhen you consider solid bones, calcium typically enters your mind. While calcium may be the major player when it comes to bone health and wellness and boosting bone mineral thickness, we do not want to forget the importance of vitamin D.

Recent studies have shown that vitamin D is a solid stimulator of calcium deposition in our bones, making them more powerful as well as much healthier. If you’re not getting enough vitamin D, your body starts to slow down or quit depositing calcium in the bones, at some point attracting calcium out of your bones back into the bloodstream. Over time, this continuous cycle of deposit and also withdrawal will make your bones weak and also make one susceptible to fractures.“unlike other nutrients, vitamin D is not provided by food but made when our skin is exposed to the sun. But, given the summer we’ve had added to the classic British weather we face year round of dull, more …” Are YOU vitamin D deficient? 6 signs even your doctor might miss – Daily Mail


Vitamin D Helps with Muscle Function.

When it comes to vitamin D supplementation you might be thinking you don’t need it. Most people believe that they get plenty of sunshine, however, an interesting study from a sunny part of the world showed otherwise. Research published in the Iranian Journal of Public Wellness in 2010 reported that over 70 percent of guys ages 20-29 had some degree of vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D Protects from Heart Disease

one of the timeless features of vitamin D is to boost absorption of calcium and help to maintain good bone health, however, did you recognize it has a added benefit to your heart? Recent proof has actually demonstrated that people with vitamin D deficiency are at a boosted risk for hypertension, heart problem, abrupt heart fatality, or heart failure.

Although the specific mechanisms of actions are uncertain at this time, vitamin D can assist in reducing high blood pressure, boost vascular elasticity, and also improve glycemic control. Supplementing with vitamin D3 may be an important step in heart health.

Vitamin D Reduces the Risk Associated with Type II Diabetes.

Type 2 diabetic issues could result in some destructive long-lasting complications, consisting of nerve damage, cardiovascular disease, eye damages as well as vision loss, and kidney failure. Current evidence suggests that vitamin D could play a considerable function in decreasing the threat for type 2 diabetic issues– specifically in those who are at a boosted risk for this dangerous illness.

Numerous studies have shown that vitamin D can reduce inflammation within the body and improve insulin sensitivity within the cell. A recent research study determined that developing complications from type II diabetes was reduced by 38% in individuals who supplemented with vitamin D.

Vitamin D3 and Cancer.

The research is suggesting that adequate amounts of vitamin D within the body may be able to ward off certain kinds of cancer cells, consisting of colon, bust, ovarian, and prostate.

Some scientists are now saying that Vitamin D is just one of the most potent preventions of cancer-cell development, as well as decreases the threat of cancer cells by enhancing calcium absorption and also cell differentiation, while decreasing transition (the spread of cancer from one body organ to one more). With all the many benefits associated with vitamin D3 certainly, this is a supplement one should look at closely. Every serving of Cardio Cocktail has 5000 I.U’s of vitamin D3.

Aging Hands

Lysine and Important Amino Acid for Health

Lysine in proteinLysine is considered an essential amino acid. This means the body cannot manufacture the amino acid and it must be consumed in the diet. You can increase your lysine intake by consuming protein-rich foods such as meat, dairy products, eggs, legumes, and beans. The majority of people inside developed nations consume an adequate amount of lysine within their diet.
Amino acids can exist in either of 2 forms “D or L” form. The L form of lysine is the essential component of the diet and is the form available in most dietary supplements.

Lysine for Protection Against Glycation

While lysine’s most important role is in protein synthesis, a critical action for the amino acid is in the prevention of glycation: a process which is involved in accelerated aging which has been shown to damage tissues, including the lining of the arteries. Another process similar is known as glycosylation. This process refers to the bonding of carbohydrates to fats or proteins. Individuals who suffer from diabetes have elevated blood glucose levels and experience an increase in glycation-related damage.

Age Spots from glycation

Glucose in the body bonds to proteins that contain lysine. Researchers have found that supplementing rats with lysine led to and an 86% reduction in the glycation of collagen in the kidneys. This is led some to believe that individuals suffering from diabetes may want to supplement their diet with this important amino acid.

Lysine and Cataracts

Another malady that seems to affect people as they age is the formation of cataracts. Cataracts involve the process of glycation within the lens. Patients who were in the early stages of cataracts development and were given a medication that contained lysine were able to inhibit the formation of cataracts. Lysine was also able to inhibit the glycation of fibrinogen (involved in blood clotting) in the plasma of type 2 diabetics.

Lysine and Diabetics.

Diabetes test kitIndividuals who suffered from type 2 diabetes were given 3 grams of L-lysine per day. They were able to Reduce advanced glycation end products in the blood and reversed lysozyme glycation. Lysozyme is an antimicrobial enzyme that forms a part of the immune system. Lysine was therefore considered to be an effective therapeutic supplementation for type 2 diabetes mellitus to that seem to decrease the infections in these particular patients.

Another interesting finding was that lysine ingested with sugar resulted in a 44% decrease in the 2.5-hour serum glucose response without a change in insulin response in comparison with the serum response to glucose alone in a study that involved healthy participants.



lysine supplement

Lysine is an important amino acid for the health of our bodies. While most healthcare professionals seem to say that there is no need to supplement since it is abundant in our diet, research may be saying otherwise. Especially considering the high sugar diet that is being consumed in modern societies today. Certainly, this is one amino acid we should continue to watch regarding its health benefits. Cardio Cocktail contains no lysine and most healthcare professionals will tell you to take its separate from the supplement. Why? Scientists believe that arginine and lysine compete for absorption within the body. Taking the 2 together will diminish the effects of one or the other. However one only needs to wait for 15 to 30 minutes apart from supplementation. See all the Ingredients of Cardio Cocktail check out this link.