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The South Beach Diet and Heart Disease

While the South Beach Diet may have it’s nay sayers, I personally had great results when I was on it.  For me that is the major problem of any diet, staying on it.  It wasn’t that I struggled with the diet, it was just that my desire for carbs would take over from time to time.  I still watch my carb intake, but I am not overly concerned with it.  I have been able to loose 25 lbs by being on a similar version of the diet and keep it off without exercise.  To me the South Beach Diet is a variation of the Atkins Diet.  In some ways it is more lenient and in some ways it can be seen as more strict.  Which diet is best?  I really don’t thing there is a one size fits all.  The diet that is best for you is the one that allows you to maintain a healthy weight and allows you to be at your best.  Which Diet is working for you?

The South Beach Diet was developed by a Florida cardiologist who wanted to offer his patients a heart-healthy option for losing weight. According to Healthline, Dr. Arthur Agatston developed the diet after seeing that his patients following low-fat, high-carb diets were replacing eating too many sugars and simple carbs in an effort to replace unhealthy fatty foods. There are no long-term, randomized controlled clinical trials looking at the effects of the South Beach Diet on health, according to the Mayo Clinic.