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February is Heart Month

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Heart disease is still and has been for some time the number one killer worldwide despite all the knowledge, wisdom, drugs and bypass surgeries that have been used to combat it. The video above has been online for some time describing what it is like to experience a heart attack.

However, not all heart attacks happen in the same manner.  Some heart attacks start slowly with mild discomfort and pain.  Do you know the signs and symptoms of a heart attack?

The number one reason people don’t get help for a heart attack is they don’t take the disease seriously enough. It won’t happen to me is the mantra of many people who suffer a heart attack. Others experience the pain but believe the pain will go away.

Heart disease, I believe, for most people is self inflicted. It comes from our diet and the lifestyle habits that we develop over time. Most people know what they need to do with their diet, but keep putting it off. Some are just misinformed about health or are frustrated with the conflict in information. Adding to this is the misinformation that is being propounded by Big Pharma and the medical institutions. I am not saying that the medical community is not helpful, but it is their advice that has played a part in the present heart health condition that we have in our world today.

Regardless, heart disease is a serious condition that needs to be taken seriously. Don’t let a heart attack be the first time you think about your health. It could be the last time you take your health seriously!

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