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Silent Killer

Heart Beats 100,000 times per day

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is called the silent killer. Why?  Simply put, most people have no signs or symptoms that they have the disease.  People with hypertension are at risk for cardiovascular diseases like a heart attack or a stroke.

Check Your Blood Pressure.

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Checking our blood pressure today can be done without a visit to your local doctor.  Most drugstores and supermarkets today have blood pressure machines where you can readily check your blood pressure.  If you really want a convenient way to monitor your blood pressure you can purchase a home blood pressure monitor.   They are relatively inexpensive and you can check your blood pressure in the convenience of your own home.

The American Heart Association warns that 1 in 3 adults have this disease.  Those who are aware that they have the disease are struggling to keep their blood pressure under control.

Why Is My Blood Pressure High?

There are many reasons why one might have high blood pressure.  For most people, however, it boils down to the choices we make in our own lives.  Being overweight, wrong food choices and developing type 2 diabetes are all in line with developing hypertension.  If you develop the disease it is important that you work with your medical professional to control your blood pressure.

Prevention is Best

The best plan of action against hypertension is to never develop it in the first place.  This may seem like a  “no brainer” answer but it takes some forethought to keep oneself healthy.  This especially true with hypertension.  As we age our arteries naturally lose their flexibility and began to narrow.  We speed up the process when we are overweight and eat junk food that leads to blood sugar issues.

Medications That Cure

There are no medications that can cure hypertension.  Even the best medications for your body will require your cooperation with your medical professional to have any success.  You will still need to be attentive to your lifestyle choices.  That being said all medications have side affects that you will need to take into account by discussing the dangers with your health care professional.

What About Supplements?

Healthy Microbiome

It is the same for supplements.  Supplements are not designed to cure a disease or treat an illness, but they are designed to give your body what it needs to be healthy.  Supplements can have side affect but they are usually not as dangerous as those experienced from medications.

Active Lifestyle

Being active can be a great help in staying healthy.  If your doctor approves you for exercise that can be an added plus.  Exercise can help improve your cardiovascular system and strengthen your heart muscles.  While there are many forms of exercise you want to be careful that you don’t over do it.  Start out slow and work your way up to more advanced forms of exercise.  It takes time and effort to improve a body that has been neglected.

Stress a Killer

We all know the negative impact stress has on our emotions but it can also have an impact on our cardiovascular system, raising our blood pressure.  That is another added benefit of exercise, it seems to lower stress levels.  People who exercise seem to be able to tolerate stress levels better than those who don’t.

In Conclusion

High Blood Pressure Danger

While many people are dealing with the disease of hypertension we hope you are among the healthy individuals that never have to deal with the disease.  It is important that you check your blood pressure regularly to make sure high blood pressure is not putting you at risk for some serious cardiovascular problems.  If you are looking for a supplement that can help support your cardiovascular health we believe that Cardio Cocktail has a great track record of helping people support their cardio health!

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Foods To Increase Your Arginine Uptake


Arginine is an amino acid that you can find naturally in foods such as dairy, fish, poultry, and other meats. It is a building block of protein.

There is quite a bit of research that suggests arginine is beneficial for our health. Some of the benefits people have experienced by supplementing with arginine include but is not limited to, relieving chest pain, improving erectile dysfunction, and reducing high blood pressure.  You can read more about Arginine Here.

Our bodies produce arginine, and children must have it for normal growth and development. Deficiencies are rare, but some researchers believe that as we age our body loses the ability to produce arginine and so we must supplement our diets.

Here is a list of foods that are High in Arginine.

Most meats, dairy products, seeds, and nuts contain arginine. Adding these foods to the diet can help one increase their arginine intake.

Foods rich in arginine include:

1. Nuts and seeds

Cardio Cocktail has ArgininePumpkin seeds have one of the highest concentrations of this amino acid. A cup of dried pumpkin or squash seeds provide 6.905 grams of arginine.

Though most people tend to spit out watermelon seeds, they are also a good source of arginine, providing 5.289 g per cup.

Sesame seeds are another good source of arginine, givine you 4.875 grams per cup.

Here are other seeds that have high arginine content.

dried walnuts contain 4.522 g per cup
almonds contain 3.525 g per cup
pine nuts contain 3.258 g per cup
How the nuts are prepared only slightly affects the amount of arginine available, but varieties without the added oil or salt are more healthful.

2. Meat products
Omega 3 in FishMeat is a complete source of protein. It contains all of the amino acids the body requires, including arginine.

A few of the very best sources of arginine are breast meats, particularly turkey breast.

The following meat items supply high quantities of arginine:

A turkey breast supplies 16.207 g.
Chicken consists of 2.790 g of arginine per cup. This meat is low in fat and abundant in protein.
One pork loin slice includes 2.661 g of arginine.
Beef provides 4.131 g of arginine per prepared pound of meat. Beef is abundant in protein, however it includes more fat than lots of other protein sources.

3. Legumes, chickpeas which might be beneficial for numerous myeloma diet plans.
Chickpeas are a terrific source of protein and supply a lot of arginine.
Legumes are a household that consists of beans, peas, and pulses. They are an exceptional source of plant-based protein.

The following vegetables supply lots of arginine and other amino acids:

Soybeans provide an excellent option to meat as a source of arginine. A cup of soybeans includes 5.865 g of the amino acid, making these beans an excellent option to meats.
Raw peanuts supply 4.567 g of arginine per cup. Peanuts have lots of healthy unsaturated fats and are an excellent source of plant-based protein.
Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, include 3.878 g per cup. Chickpeas are an excellent source of healthy fats and protein. They are a popular addition to salads and are the primary active ingredient in hummus.
4. Seaweed
Seaweed is a popular natural food that offers high levels of arginine.

A cup of dried seaweed consists of 4.645 g of the amino acid. Anybody who requires to increase their arginine consumption might wish to think about including seaweed to their diet plan.

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The Best Supplements for Your Heart

Arginine amino acid

Best Supplements for your Heart

Healthy MicrobiomeDoing a search on Google for best supplements for your heart returned some surprising results for me. While many of the supplements listed are important for heart health two important ingredients seem to be missing. That is the amino acid Citrulline and arginine. Both of these amino acids are very important for cardiovascular health.


While the supplements listed on Google are beneficial for heart health they may not do much to improve cardiovascular system. Or they may do some good but in my opinion are not the major players in cardiovascular health. So, what are the major players? The amino acids mentioned above, citrulline and arginine.


Why Are These Amino Acids So Important?


If you were to do research on PubMed regarding arginine you would find that there are more than 75,000 studies published showing its cardiovascular benefit. While many consider arginine a nonessential amino acid, meaning our bodies are able to make arginine, some researchers believe we lose this ability as we age. These researchers believe that supplementing with arginine can make up for the deficit.


What Makes Arginine Important?


Cardio Cocktail Natural IngredientsYour body uses arginine to produce a molecule called nitric oxide. While this molecule has many positive effects on the body it is recognized as a major player in cardiovascular health. This molecule is able to relax blood vessels and open up arteries. Many researchers also believe that this molecule contributes to the health of the inner lining of the artery walls. Bodybuilders are well aware of arginine’s relationship to nitric oxide. Many supplement with this amino acid to increase blood flow to the muscle. Many bodybuilders report and enhanced pumped up feeling after supplementing with a nitric oxide enhancing supplement.

People with depression had weaker arginine bioavailability than their non-depressed controls. The study did not find significant differences in the symmetric and asymmetric dimethylarginine concentrations. The use of anti-depressants or anti-psychotics did not affect the concentrations, either.  …full article here


What about Citrulline?


Citrulline is important to cardiovascular health because it works in harmony with arginine. Your body is able to take citrulline and convert it to arginine. These amino acids working together allow more nitric oxide to circulate throughout the body. Taking these 2 supplements together in optimal amounts can be very beneficial for those wishing to improve their cardiovascular health.

For the past few years, Tsamma has been working with collegiate teams, like the University of Alabama and Clemson. The University of Alabama football program sought out Tsamma Juice last year after learning of a study on the company’s watermelon juice, which is being led by the University’s Human Nutrition Department. The study focuses on the effects of L-citrulline, an amino acid most known for its use as a sports performance and cardiovascular health supplement.  Read more…

Cardio Cocktail Supplies What You Need.


Cardio Cocktail is a unique blend of supplements designed to support cardiovascular health. It provides many of the supplements beneficial for heart health and for cardiovascular health. Many amazing testimonials from our customers have proven over the years the benefit of this natural supplement for cardiovascular health.


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Why Eat Healthy?

Microbiome and gut health

That really is the question proposed in the article what are the benefits of eating healthy published by Medical News Today. There were several benefits of a healthy diet including weight loss, a reduced risk of cancer and diabetes management. All of those seem like good reasons to stick to a healthy diet. But for many people, the benefits of eating healthy just aren’t enough.

Benefits of Healthy Eating MyCardioGrade


A healthful diet can help a person look and feel their best, but what are the real health benefits? In this article, we look at the top ten benefits of a varied, nutritious diet, including heart and stroke prevention, improved mood and memory, and decreased risk of cancer.


What Is A Healthy Diet

Healthy MicrobiomeWhile there are many great benefits to eating a healthy diet it can be quite challenging for most people. A healthy diet requires a little forethought. For example, when an individual goes to the grocery store it is a good idea to have a list of healthy foods in mind. The more difficult challenges is determining what is a healthy diet? Is it the Atkins diet, the Paleo Diet, South Beach Diet, High Carb/Low-Fat Diet, Vegetarian Diet and or whatever other diets that might become available?

For me personally, I choose a diet that includes lots of vegetables and a little meat. I don’t worry too much about fat except for fried foods. I think most ofEat Healthy for good health the research has shown that there are healthy fats like avocados and coconuts that are very beneficial for consumption. While I don’t believe there is a diet that fits everyone, I believe we must do our research and find the diet that works for us personally. Regardless, we’re all on diet. Some of us are on a healthy diet and some of us are on a not so healthy diet.

Healthy Diet Benefits


Avacado and oxidation

According to medical news today the benefits of a healthy diet include warding off heart disease, diabetes, poor bone density and some cancers. I believe that they are correct in their assertion and the scientific research seems to back them up. If an individual is interested in health then the diet should be considered the foundation of being healthy.

Called Supplements for a Reason

Cardio Cocktail BottleMany believe that supplementation with vitamins and minerals can assist the body to stay healthy. I believe that supplementation can help, however, supplementation is just that. There is no replacement for a healthy diet. Taking vitamins and minerals to circumvent eating healthy just does not seem to work. One thing I believe that does work with regard to supplementation is Cardio Cocktail. Scientific research and the reviews we have received in selling this product over the years has proven time and time again its health benefits.


Reasons to eat health Medical News Today
1. Weight loss
2. Reduced cancer risk
3. Diabetes management
4. Heart health and stroke prevention
5. The health of the next generation
6. Strong bones and teeth
7. Better mood
8. Improved memory
9. Improved gut health
10. Getting a good night’s sleep


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Benefits of Arginine

Arginine Benefits

Cardio Cocktail has ArginineThere are several advantages of Arginine. Scientific reports have confirmed several of the benefits that are related to arginine from lowering blood pressure, improving the immune system, reducing arrhythmia symptoms, decreasing bad cholesterol, improving memory, and improving overall cardiovascular health and wellness.

This outstanding healthy amino acid is able to boost numerous facets of our health and cardiovascular wellness. It has come to be the crucial component for boosting blood flow and producing nitric oxide in our body

Just what is this Arginine?

Arginine is an amino acid that aids our body in its ability to create nitric oxide. You can not really understand the benefits of arginine without comprehending the importance of nitric oxide.
Diabetes SignSupplements that help the body to produce Nitric oxide (NO) benefit our body in circulation throughout the body, providing oxygen in addition to various other important nourishment to every cell within our body. Expanding our arteries, as well as maintaining healthy blood pressure.

When our body demands more blood for warmth or recovery from injury, our brain signals our body in the affected area to release more nitric oxide, which boosts blood flow provides important nutrients and oxygen.

High Cholesterol and Arginine

In the year 1999, researchers have actually discovered that we could lower our unhealthy cholesterol by raising arginine in our diet.  There are 2 sorts of cholesterols, high density and low-density lipoprotein.  Simply speaking, cholesterol is just a plaque or fat-like material that is used within our artery wall surfaces.

Our body Requires Cholesterol to be Healthy.

Cholesterol becomes unwanted when it accumulates within the artery walls and impedes circulation. This can create several unhealthy conditions that can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Brain Image Alzheimer'sArginine assists the body in the production of nitric oxide which acts like blood vessel expanders making them flexible and improving blood pressure. Arginine also helps get rid of those fatty depositions within our artery walls. On the other hand, high cholesterol, or so-called bad cholesterol, limit the body’s ability to manufacture nitric oxide.

Arginine for dealing with High blood pressure
By elevating vasodilation or widening of blood vessels, arginine may boost the efficiency of the circulatory system and improve overall heart health. There are many studies on PubMed that show the benefit of this amazing amino acid.

Cardiovascular wellness

Arginine is recognized for maintaining a healthier cardiovascular system as well as enhance our immune system. Many people have found that arginine boosts their blood flow and have been relieved of the symptoms that they were experiencing.


Many people in The U.S.A. are suffering from some sort of heart problem and this may be just the information they need to improve their health.