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Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

Fiber is found in many different foods and has been used by healthcare professionals to lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. There’s been a lot of research on dietary fiber that shows that it is beneficial in reducing colon cancer, hemorrhoids, constipation and obesity. Many healthcare professionals believe that most Americans are deficient in dietary fiber.

How Fiber Can Help

grapesHealthcare professionals recommend  dietary fiber to help absorb toxins within the body, especially the colon.  Removing toxins through the natural illumination process helps with absorption and removal of toxins that have a negative impact on our health.  While there are 7 different classifications of fiber they basically fall into two primary groups, one is soluble in the other is insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber would include oats and psyllium seed. This type of fiber has an affinity for water and helps remove toxins from the microvilli in the intestinal lining. Soluble fiber which is predominantly found in fruits and vegetables help push the toxins out through elimination.  Healthcare professionals suggest both soluble and insoluble fibers to be included in our diets.

Lose Weight with Fiber

orangeMany studies show that people who include more dietary fiber into their eating habits lose more weight than those who are deficient in dietary fiber. One study carried out at Tufts University in Boston revealed that individuals who consume more fiber ate less calories than those who consumed less fiber. One reason is fiber adds to the weight of food. When you eat a heavy meal you tend to stay satisfied longer than eating a light meal. This maybe part of the so called Chinese food syndrome, where after you eat a meal you are hungry a few hours later.

Fiber May Have These Healthy Benefits

  • Increases Healthy Bacteria
  • Slows sugar absorption
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Reduction in Heart Disease
  • Helps Regulate Hormones
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For me personally, when I add supplemental fiber to my diet I tend to stay fuller longer and I tend to eat less. I don’t seem to have the food cravings and the desire to snack as much. I try to include healthy foods high in fiber within my diet. Since I know that can be an issue for me, I use supplements like Fiber Balance and green fibers like Green Vibrance to make up for any deficiency. Many healthcare professionals believe that 30 to 50 g of fiber is a healthy dose. Adding more healthy fiber to your diet may be one of the best things you can do to improve your overall health.

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Perilla May Help Allergy Sufferers

perrilla frutescensPerilla frutescens is an Asian plant that is used in Cardio Cocktail because it is high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Rather than using fish oil which has had some problems with contamination, the makers of Cardio Cocktail decided to use a plant based Omega 3 oil, Perilla frutescens(perilla).  Now researchers are finding that there maybe another reason to take Cardio Cocktail with Perilla frutescens other than just for your cardiovascular health. It seems that this . Perilla is a memeber of the mint family and has also been shown to be anti-inflammatory and tumor preventing as well. If you suffer from allergies, like so many people do this time of year, Cardio Cocktail, or at least Perilla frutescens maybe something you might want to check out.



    World Of Technology: The Little-Known Herb That Combats Allergies

Its that time of year again: the season of itchy eyes, sneezing, runny noses and breathing troubles for anyone who suffers from allergies. Sometimes just called perilla, an extract from the plants leaves have been found in many studies to be effective for the treatment of allergies, including: nasal congestion, sinusitis, asthma linked to allergies, skin conditions and eye irritation. In one study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine, perilla and one of its active ingredients known as rosmarinic acid or rosmarinic extract, were found to significantly ameliorate allergic inflammatory reactions such as nasal and sinus congestion, and eye irritation. World Of Technology: The Little-Known Herb That Combats Allergies

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Keeping Your Brain Sharp

Strengthen your memory skills to increase your memory capacity. While it may seem that there is nothing you can do to strengthen your memory as you age, there are actually a number of strategies that can help. The worse strategy is to do nothing. That being said, don’t stress out about forgetful moments from time to time. To keep your mind sharp use ir or loose it, regardless of your age.

A good way to keep your memory and mind sharp is to challenge yourself daily with brain exercises. It is important to exercise your brain, just like it’s important to exercise your body. This brain exercise can improve many mental skills, including attention span, concentration, and of course, memory. Popular choices for improving your memory may include things like crossword puzzles, trivia and sudoku questions.

Get up and walk away from your study or work routine for a minimum of five minutes per hour. Your brain requires a rest and relaxation period to better handle what you have provided. You will then be able to remember the information.

When studying, be sure to alter your study environment from time-to-time. Changing surroundings reinvigorates the mind, and causes long-term memory to be more efficacious. If it senses a change in its usual routine, your brain will wake up. This can make it easier to learn new information.

cardio-cocktail_150Supplements that may help with brain function are Omega 3 fatty acids, Phospytidal Serine, flavanols, B vitamins, Antioxidants, Magnesium and there are others. The key with supplementation is finding the ones that work for you and your body. Don’t forget supplements are exactly that, supplements and should not be substituted for a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Brain health is the second most important component in maintaining a healthy lifestyle according to a 2014 AARP study. Cocoa Flavanols: Cocoa flavanols have been linked to improved circulation and heart health, and preliminary research shows a possible connection to memory improvement as well. A study showed cocoa flavanols may improve the function of a specific part of the brain called the dentate gyrus, which is associated with age-related memory (Brickman, 2014). Full article here

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Snoring and Heart Health

I hate to say it but I do snore. I don’t snore all the time or should I say every night, but when I do snore I sometimes wake myself up. According to this article in WiscNews it is not the snoring that is bad for your heart, it is something called obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea involves pausing of breathing during sleep. The lack of oxygen puts a strain on your cardiovascular system and can increase blood pressure. Unfortunately snoring can been indication that someone is suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. There are some therapies that are very effective in helping people with the disease. Your health professional should be able to direct you for help with this disorder.

(BPT) Snoring isnt pleasant for anyone not the partner who has to sleep beside the snorer, nor the snorer whose breathing may pause repeatedly throughout the night. Along with good nutrition and regular exercise, healthy sleep is essential for a healthy heart. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S, so treating sleep apnea is good for your sleep and your heart.

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