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Bad Teeth May Give Us Heart Disease

Probably one of our least favorite places to go is to the dentist.  When I was a young boy I had an accident that left me going to the dentist once a week for months.   He really didn’t have any toys that I wanted that made the trip easier for me.  I dreaded every week.  Looking back, it may have not been his most favorite time of the week either.  Pain management and dental care have come along way since then and certainly should be a part of our overall health care plan.  As this article points out, our oral hygiene can provide insight into our cardiovascular health.  It maybe time to schedule that trip to the dentist.

Bad teeth can be an early warning sign for heart diseases, claims a new study done in the U.S.Oral infections that destroy teeth have been linked to an increased risk of heart disease by researchers who have been reviewing current literature. They say inflammation-causing oral diseases, including cavities and gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, are associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Significant evidence supports an association between oral infections and stroke.