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Jonathan Crombie Dead: ‘Anne of Green Gables’ Actor Has Brain Hemorrhage

Anne of Green Gables is one of those movies that you just can’t seem to quit watching once you come to know a little bit about the characters.  I was deeply saddened to hear of Jonathan Crombie’s death who was one of the main characters throughout the series.  48 seems like such a young age for this popular actor to die, so it got me wondering about a brain hemorrhage.  What exactly is it.  Webmed describes it as an artery bursting, a type of stroke.  The inner lining of our artery’s is called the endothelium.  This is an important part of our cardiovascular system.  As long as the endothelium stays smooth and flexible we tend to have good cardiovascular health.  If the endothelium becomes hard and rigid we are open to all kinds of cardiovascular problems. like a heart attack or stroke.  If you want to know more about the endothelium and cardiovascular health, please download the Assassin Within located in the sidebar.

Jonathan Crombie, who co-starred in the “Anne of Green Gables” movies, has died.He was 48.

Crombie’s sister told CBC News that her brother suffered a brain hemorrhage and died in New York City on Wednesday.