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Lipid-Based Vitamin D Formulation Boosts Blood Levels – Nutraceuticals World

News from Life Extension Foundation is showing the power of liquid supplements.  Switching from a powder to a liquid Vitamin D3 increased blood levels by 28.5 percent.  This is one of the things that makes Cardio Cocktail so powerful, it is a liquid supplement and easily absorbed.  That is truly the great thing about liquid supplements for the most part, they give the user more for their money.  You can read the full report in the link below.

Life Extension study showed 5, 000 IU softgel formulation led to a 28.5% increase in 25(OH) D blood levels. The annual scientific meeting is comprised of over 14, 000 scientists and exhibitors representing six sponsoring societies and multiple guest societies with interest in research and life sciences. Joyal, MD, set out to determine if a lipid-based softgel vitamin D supplement could boost vitamin D blood levels in healthy adults who had already been taking a dry, powder-based vitamin D capsule at the same dosage for at least 3 months.