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The Benefits of Arginine

Arginine amino acidThere are many advantages of arginine. Scientific reports have proven some of the benefits that are associated with arginine that reduces blood pressure, improves the immune system, decreases arrhythmia symptoms, lowers cholesterol level, improves memory, and enhances cardiovascular health. This excellent protein is able to improve many facets of our cardiovascular health, and it has become the key component for enhancing blood circulation and creating nitric oxide in our body

All watermelon peels contain citrulline, which is loaded with antioxidant properties that convert to arginine, an essential amino acid. Arginine is great for the heart, immune system and circulatory system. The best way to eat the peel is by throwing … 7 Fruits And Veggies You Should NEVER Peel – The Alternative Daily (blog)


What is this Arginine?

Arginine is definitely a protein that helps to produce nitric oxide. You cannot comprehend arginine without understanding importance of nitric oxide.

Supplements rich in Nitric oxide (NO) has got the big responsibility of assisting blood circulation throughout our body, providing oxygen along with other vital nutrition to each of the tissues in our body, dilating our arteries, and maintaining our blood pressure normal. When any type of tissue within our body, demands more blood for keeping ourselves warm or healing our wound, our brain signals bloodstream in the affected region to release nitric oxide, which boosts blood flow delivering vital nutrients and oxygen.

High Cholesterol and Arginine

Arginine lowers cholesterolIn the year 1999, scientists have found that we can reduce our cholesterol levels by increasing arginine in our diets. There are two kinds of cholesterols, high density, and low-density lipoprotein. Simply speaking, cholesterol is nothing but a plaque or fat-like substance that is developed within our artery walls. Our body requires cholesterol to operate. Nevertheless, an excess of lower density (LDL) or bad, cholesterols can gradually accumulate within artery walls, ultimately causing several cardiovascular diseases, including Heart attacks and strokes.

Arginine and nitric oxide supplements are the blood vessel expanders making them key blood pressure regulators. As arginine expands our blood vessels, it increases the circulation of blood and eliminates those fatty depositions left out within our artery walls. High cholesterol, or too much of bad cholesterol, restricts the production of nitric oxide. SunIf … doctors say here’s the bottom line: Get tested ASAP to find out your “bad” cholesterol number because your long-term health may depend on it. Everyone should get their cholesterol checked — and children no … Cholesterol — Why the numbers, healthy diet really do matter – Chicago Sun-Times


Arginine for treating Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure DangerAccording to the research Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, 31 % of United States population suffers from hypertension or High blood pressure. By raising vasodilation or widening of blood vessels, arginine increases the efficiency of ones heart by enhancing blood circulation throughout our body, and particularly to each chamber of our heart. blood pressure can be difficult, especially during the holidays and winter months. A change in routine, family visits, traveling, illness, holiday menus and financial concerns can all conspire to derail your best efforts at keeping chronic … Managing High Blood Pressure During the Holidays – Emporia Gazette


Cardiovascular health

Arginine is recognized for maintaining our heart healthier and assists our body to overcome congestive cardiovascular system failure, angina, high blood pressure, as well as other heart diseases. By enhancing the flow of blood in arteries within our heart, symptoms are relieved and in many cases, conditions are actually improved. More than 60 million folks in America are suffering from some type of heart disease and this will be a great news that can help these individuals.

As per Mayo Clinic, arginine health supplements are beneficial to those who have some kind of heart disease. For example, it may assist in treating:

  • clogged arteries
  • heart disease
  • angina

Heart Healthy FamilyArginine is used for treating heart diseases in addition to blood vessel ailments such as congestive heart failure or CHF, hypertension, chest pain, and other heart diseases. Arginine can also be utilized for persistent pain within our legs due to blocked blood vessels (intermittent claudication), reduced mental ability within elderly people (senile dementia), erection problems (ED), along with men infertility.

Some individuals utilize arginine to prevent the common cold, enhancing their kidney performance after having a kidney transplant, hypertension during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia), improving athletic efficiency, improving our immune system, and preventing soreness of digestive tracts among premature babies.

Cardio Cocktail contains Arginine.  Each serving of Cardio Cocktail contains 5 grams of Arginine along with other important nutrients to support your heart.  For many people 5 grams has shown to be the dose for optimal cardiovascular support.

All of these pieces of evidence prove the importance arginine in cardiovascular diseases. Before you start using arginine for any heart condition, you must consult your doctor.