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The Best Supplements for Your Heart

Arginine amino acid

Best Supplements for your Heart

Healthy MicrobiomeDoing a search on Google for best supplements for your heart returned some surprising results for me. While many of the supplements listed are important for heart health two important ingredients seem to be missing. That is the amino acid Citrulline and arginine. Both of these amino acids are very important for cardiovascular health.


While the supplements listed on Google are beneficial for heart health they may not do much to improve cardiovascular system. Or they may do some good but in my opinion are not the major players in cardiovascular health. So, what are the major players? The amino acids mentioned above, citrulline and arginine.


Why Are These Amino Acids So Important?


If you were to do research on PubMed regarding arginine you would find that there are more than 75,000 studies published showing its cardiovascular benefit. While many consider arginine a nonessential amino acid, meaning our bodies are able to make arginine, some researchers believe we lose this ability as we age. These researchers believe that supplementing with arginine can make up for the deficit.


What Makes Arginine Important?


Cardio Cocktail Natural IngredientsYour body uses arginine to produce a molecule called nitric oxide. While this molecule has many positive effects on the body it is recognized as a major player in cardiovascular health. This molecule is able to relax blood vessels and open up arteries. Many researchers also believe that this molecule contributes to the health of the inner lining of the artery walls. Bodybuilders are well aware of arginine’s relationship to nitric oxide. Many supplement with this amino acid to increase blood flow to the muscle. Many bodybuilders report and enhanced pumped up feeling after supplementing with a nitric oxide enhancing supplement.

People with depression had weaker arginine bioavailability than their non-depressed controls. The study did not find significant differences in the symmetric and asymmetric dimethylarginine concentrations. The use of anti-depressants or anti-psychotics did not affect the concentrations, either.  …full article here


What about Citrulline?


Citrulline is important to cardiovascular health because it works in harmony with arginine. Your body is able to take citrulline and convert it to arginine. These amino acids working together allow more nitric oxide to circulate throughout the body. Taking these 2 supplements together in optimal amounts can be very beneficial for those wishing to improve their cardiovascular health.

For the past few years, Tsamma has been working with collegiate teams, like the University of Alabama and Clemson. The University of Alabama football program sought out Tsamma Juice last year after learning of a study on the company’s watermelon juice, which is being led by the University’s Human Nutrition Department. The study focuses on the effects of L-citrulline, an amino acid most known for its use as a sports performance and cardiovascular health supplement.  Read more…

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